Upcoming Shows
September 27 7:00 pmThe Merry Go Rounds // Man Up, Yancey // Futurebabes // Frutones (acoustic)
October 24 7:00 pmGround Rules // Supreme World Emperors // The Quarks // Shafty & The Taints
October 25 5:00 pmWeezer Blue Album Tribute
October 28 7:00 pm152 Productions Presents Self Defense Family, Restorations, Topbunk
November 3 6:00 pmLaura Stevenson, Solids, Merry Go Rounds, Man Up Yancey
23 Sep

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 9/22/2014

Attendance: 59

Booking Officer: We have a show this Saturday! It’s The Merry Go Rounds + Man Up, Yancey + The Frutones + The Future Babes. Also, if you want to learn to work a show, come to the show early on Saturday (around 7 pm) and you can watch how set-up works.

Equipment Manager: We have a studio! And our previous tech difficulties have been resolved. You can record in the studio for a fee of $20 an hour. Also, we’ll be having sound class after the meeting focusing on recording, so hang out after the meeting  if you want to join in.

Open Mic Officer: This Thursday we’re having a joint open mic with Erato (Tech’s arts & literature club). They’ll be bringing a bunch of awesome snacks. This week’s theme is Ninjas!

Senior Hugs Officer: Come hug me after the meeting!

Vice President: I’m wearing wool pants! Don’t be frightened. Come to me after the meeting if you want practice time.

Advertising Officer (Krish) Nothing to report. If you want to talk about Walter White, we can do that.

Advertising Officer (Ashley) Lint & Loose Change just got our first issue printed! Take a copy or more! Give them to people. More will be printed soon. Meetings are at 2 pm by the round tables outside UTC. We’re taking submissions for our 2nd issue, which are due by Oct 10th.

Minister of Propaganda: Most of the new bands have been ironed out by now. If you’re part of the New Bands Showcase, make sure your whole band joins the Facebook event for announcements and updates. And if you’re interested in voice/frontman lessons, come talk to me.

Advertising Officer (Sid): If you’re in the New Bands Showcase, I’ll be taking pictures of your band.

IT Officer: I mess with the website sometimes. I’ve been making changes you can’t see yet.

Secretary: If you want to join the mailing list or haven’t signed up for Jacketpages, talk to me after the meeting.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 per year (stay tuned for t-shirt news), practice fees are $15 per semester, and locker fees are $5 per month (none available, but you can get on the waiting list).

General Manager: On Saturday, we will be having a fun pizza party type thing going on.

*Historian position election*:

  • Candidates: Claire, Jed, Meredith, & Josh
  • Results: Everybody wins! Congratulations, guys!

General announcements:

Elliott: I’m looking for someone to go to airborne toxic event concert with this Saturday. Tickets are ~$25. If you’re interested let me know.

Leland: I’m starting a weekly  UTC-curated Spotify playlist! I made the first playlist (link below) of what I think is good study music. If you’re interested in helping curate some playlists, let me know. Also, the open daytime staff position has been filled.

Nick Shooter: VGDev is a student-led club that makes video games! We’re desperately looking for people to make music for video games.

Archie: Nic’s hat is fantastic.

Anna: Thanks for everyone who came to Moon Tunes last week! It was awesome. Also, this year’s Homecoming artist is Hoodie Allen!

Shaiv: Looking for people to go with to the Yellowcard concert on Oct 28th at The Masquerade. If you’re interested, contact me at batman@gatech.edu.

Andrew: I run a jazz band and we’re still looking for a guitarist! You should come talk to me if you’re interested.


  • Anybody interested in doing drum lessons should come talk to me so we can figure out when it should happen.
  • This Wednesday, exStellarator, SU(2), Killer Eskimos, and my band The Organ Machines are playing at The Music Room! Unfortunately, it’s 21+ (sorry!). Tix are $7 at door, $5 beforehand, and if you need a ride you should talk to Jared after the meeting.

Tony: I just released an album! You can listen to it on Spotify. Also, the album is going to be reviewed in the Technique this week, so you should definitely check that out!


  • For the weekend of Halloween, who’d be interested in having a Rocky Horror Picture Show cover band (called Hot Patootie) play at UTC? Also, who wants to go see the midnight showing at the Plaza Theater?
  • There is a ska show happening here in November before ! Ye Flask (10 person ska band), El Chupaskabra, Hermits of Suburbia, and a rare appearance by Champagne Room.
  • The MGRs are playing here on Saturday! The Frutones, Man Up, Yancey, and The Future Babes. It’s gonna be an amazing show with a ton of people,

Stearns: I’m celebrating my birthday (again) this weekend. My parents are going to be there, so be there!

Miscellaneous links:

Leland’s curated Spotify playlist: http://open.spotify.com/track/4m8ttWM8IKXyhpv89E867J

exStellarator + SU(2) + Killer Eskimos + The Organ Machines @ The Music Room: https://www.facebook.com/events/809251515763279/ (meet at UTC at 8:30 for carpool, courtesy of Jared)

Open Mic (Thursdays 8pm-11pm or everyone’s done): https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/

Pizza Party Tidy Up (Sep. 27th @ 12-4 pm): https://www.facebook.com/events/462711440537688

The Merry Go Rounds + Man Up, Yancey + The Future Babes + The Frutones (Sep. 27th @ 8pm): https://www.facebook.com/events/947892495225999/

New Bands Showcase: https://www.facebook.com/events/715081548529547/

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16 Sep

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 9/15/2014

Attendance = 87

Minister of Propaganda: Music Midtown is this weekend, plus a lot of other cool things are happening (i.e. Six Flags, The Round Table concert). I was thinking about having a gathering a group of MN people who are going to Music Midtown. I’ll be making an event for that on Facebook soon. I’m also thinking about having a Music Midtown listening party on top of my parking deck with drinks and food and stuff.

IT Officer: I’ve been doing some pretty crazy stuff, but you can’t see it yet.

Advertising Underling (Sid): Rise Against is having a show at The Tabernacle in October (Touche Amore is opening), so if you want to go come talk to me.

Open Mic Officer: Open mic is Thursday! This week’s theme is outer space. You should come hang out, it’ll be fun.

Vice President: Nothing to report.

General Manager: Nothing specifically to report. The small cute animal of the week is the baby harp seal.

Secretary: If you’d like to join the mailing list, you should come talk to me. Also, come talk to me if you haven’t yet joined us on Jacketpages.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 per year (give you access to lessons, free t-shirts (coming soon)), practice fees are $15 per semester, and locker fees are $5 per month (none available, but you can get on the waiting list).

Equipment Manager: The in-house bass is now fixed! Also, we’ll be doing another sound class next week.

Senior Hugs Officer: I think I’ve hugged everyone in the room.

Advertising Officer (Ashley): We’re going to Six Flags this Friday! We’ll meet up at the park. Also, Lint & Loose Change meets Sundays at 2. We have fliers! Go hang them up.

Booking Officer: Jamesfest is on Oct. 10th. It’s my birthday party! I’d like a poster that’s a collage of me on it. We need workers! Also, I wanna put on a progressive rock show on Nov. 8th (My prog band, exStellarator, 2 more bands (maybe SU(2))).

Advertising Officer (Krish): If I seem spaced out or sad today, it’s not because I was up all night studying – it’s because Miss Georgia didn’t win last night. We have a show at UtC on Sept. 27th with The Merry Go Rounds + Man Up, Yancey + The Future Babes + The Frutones.

*Historian position elections:

  • Involves: Taking pics of events, going throuh our backlog of documents and more cool stuff. It won’t be super intensive, but you have the chance to do a lot of cool things.
  • Current candidates: Claire Lacombe, Jed Paz, Meredith Jacobs, Joshua Oswald. Voting will happen next week!

General  Announcements:

Greg: 3 announcements:

  • Advanced guitar lessons are happening at UtC from 1 to 2 Wednesday
  • I’m in a band called exStellarator, and we put out an EP on Friday! Check it out at exstellarator.bandcamp.com.
  • We’re playing a show on the 24th at The Music Room. The show’s 21+, so if you can’t drink you’ll have to stand outside and listen through the wall. We’re playing with fellow UtC bands The Organ Machines and SU(2) as well as Killer Eskimos (the math rock duo from Couchella).

Chris Kingsbury: If you’re interested in bass lessons, come talk to me.

Anna: Before Open Mic this Thursday, SCPC will be having the first Moon Tunes concert! The Quarks will be playing at the campanile at 7:30, and we’re announcing who will be performing at the Homecoming concert! We’ll be having these once a month, so stay tuned for more.

Kwaku: My hip hop group The Round Table are playing a show at Vinyl this Friday. If you like hip hop and R&B and you like jumping around and having a good time, you should definitely go. Come talk to me if you want tickets. Jared’s going, so talk to him if you want to carpool.

Christian: Beginner guitar lessons start tonight at 8:30. If you can’t make it, contact one of the other instructors (or email utclessons@gmail.com). The next lessons are going to be on Wednesday and Friday

(Someone from band 6): if you play guitar or keyboards, we want you to join our band!

Evan: Victor and I are forming an space/electric trio, and we’re looking for a soulful singer.

Archie: I’m going to go see a local awesome artist called Adron on Friday at The Mammal Gallery. I don’t want to go alone (Alex ditched me), so talk to me if you’re interested.

Stearns: MGRs are opening for a band next week at The Masquerade. I’m hosting a Six Flags after party, so if you wanna get crunk talk to me.

Chris Deese: I’m doing drum lessons. If you are interested, come talk to me.

Krish: If you are a bassist and you like Led Zeppelin, come talk to me after the meeting.

Elliot: On September 28th, Airborne Toxic Event is playing at the Buckhead Theater. If you’re interested in going, I have an extra ticket. Come talk to me if you’re interested.

Brian: A cool local DIY band is playing at Wonderroot tonight. If anyone want to come and needs a ride, come talk to me after the meeting.

Andrew: There’s a show on October 5th – Norma Jean and Emery are playing at The Masquerade. I’d like a ride, so talk to me if you’re interested.

Spencer: My friend and I are starting a band and are looking for a drummer and a vocalist. It’s going to be mostly cover songs, ranging from classic rock to 2000. If you’re interested, come see me next meeting.

Miscellaneous Links:

Social Calendar: http://i.imgur.com/cLzyyWh.jpg

Open Mic (Thursdays 8pm-11pm or everyone’s done):  http://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/

Six Flags (September 19th):  http://www.facebook.com/events/683532641736981/

The Round Table @ Vinyl (Sept. 19th): https://www.facebook.com/events/1452847604993898/

exStellarator/The Organ Machines/SU(2)/Killer Eskimos @ The Music Room (Sep. 24th): https://www.facebook.com/events/809251515763279/

The Merry Go Rounds/Man Up, Yancey/The Future Babes/The Frutones @ UtC (Sep. 27th): https://www.facebook.com/events/947892495225999

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09 Sep

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 9/8/2014

Attendance: 94 (!!!)

Minister of Propaganda: We printed out a calendar for this month’s events! This week is Midtown Restaurant week! Be cool and check out some restaurants. Also, I’ll give anyone who’s here for the New Bands Showcase the chance to introduce themselves, since today’s the official start of the competition!

Booking Officer: I’m putting together a show on October 10th for my birthday! I’m going to have a Creedence Clearwater Revival birthday party. I’m going to play drums in a CCR cover band. If you want join in, let me know! (Everyone says we should call it “Jamesfest.”) Also,  we’re looking for a couple other bands to play.

Advertising Officer (Krish): We’re having a show here on September 27th (The Merry Go Rounds + Man Up, Yancey + Futurebaby + The Frutones). If you want a flier, come see me. Also, if you want to tell me about how great Tanzania is (I’m wearing a Tanzania shirt even though I’ve never been there), you should also come talk to me.

Secretary: If you wanted to get added to the mailing list or haven’t joined us on Jacketpages yet, come talk to me after the meeting.

Senior Hugs Officer: I think I’ve hugged everyone in the room! Come talk to me after the meeting if you want another hug.

Vice President: Come talk to me after the meeting if you’d like to book practice time! Also, try to find time during the day to practice, because our calendar’s going to be packed.

Open Mic Officer: We are having Open Mic this Thursday! This week’s theme is Pirates!

General Manager: I don’t have much to talk about this week, but you can talk to me if you want. I promise I’m kinda cool.

Treasurer: If you haven’t paid dues/locker fees/practice fees, come talk to me after the meeting.

IT Officer: I made changes to the server! I have access to the server now. (It’s messy in there.) Also, I might break the website.

Advertising Officer (Ashley): Two events: this Saturday, we’re all going to carpool to see Diarrhea planet at the Masquerade! We’ll meet here at 6:30 and drive over there at 7. You can buy tickets online, but you’ll probably be able to buy them at the door. And next Friday, we’re all going to Six Flags! We’ll probably meet there around 6:30, and ride rollercoasters and stuff until we don’t want to do it anymore.

General Announcements:

Simon: The people at the Student Center info desk keep refusing to let me into UtC. Can we work out a solution to this, please?

Kwaku: My music group Round Table is playing a show at Vinyl. I know it’s the same night as Six Flags, / Tix are $9 and I have them here with me. If you like hip hop, R&B, and you like jumping up and down, you should be there. Look out for some cool advertisements coming soon.

Krish: My friends and I are going to cover Kashmere by Led Zeppelin -we’re looking for anyone to join in (especially a bassist). Also, my friend Brittany plays violin and would like to join one of the new bands.

Jared: Guitar and voice lessons are happening after the meeeting!

Greg Hendler: My guitar lessons are going to be like spin class for guitar. It’ll be technical and dry, but it’ll be awesome. Check out the open Facebook group “UTC Advanced Guitar“. There’s a survey that you should fill out.

Chris Deese: There’s a show on Wednesday, Septmeber 24th with The Organ Machines, exStellarator, Killer Eskimos, and SU(2). Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it 18+ instead of 21+. :( It’s at The Music Room, so come join us if you can! Also – Jared and I are gauging interesting in drum lessons, so if you’re interested come talk to me after the meeting.

Leland: We’re creating a Historian position! We’re going to hold elections next week. Important considerations:

  • Taking photos of utc events and uploading them to Facebook
  • I’ve been collecting memorabilia from UtC dating back to when the club started in ‘94, and I’d like someone to help me catalog/document these things. They’d also be in charge of choosing current/future posters and other things to archive.
  • Preservation/cultivation of club traditions (+ maintaining casual contact with club alumni)

We’re thinking of having 2 people work together as co-historians.
Current nominees: Jed (Feel free to make nominations before the election next week!)

Adam: There’s going to be a Pinback and Tera Melos tomorrow at Terminal West. Who wants to go with me?

Ashley: Lint & Loose Change meetings are now going to be on Sundays at 2 pm!

Brent: I would like to host a joint Erato and UtC open mic event on September 25th!

Archie: I play bass, and my band is looking for a keyboardist. If you like hard rock, jammy stuff, math funk, and you’re good, come talk to me. Also, I’m apparently running sound class after the meeting? Yeah.

Miscellaneous Links:

Open Mic (Thursday 8pm-11pm or everyone’s done):  http://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/

Diarrhea Planet show (meet at UtC Saturday 6:30 pm): http://www.facebook.com/events/797318250320005

Six Flags (September 19th):  http://www.facebook.com/events/683532641736981/

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01 Sep

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 9/1/2014

Equipment Manager: I’m starting sound classes tonight! If you’re interested in learning how to do sound, feel free to join in. Today is an intro/tour. Part of the class is going to involve recording and the other will be about live sound.

Booking Officer: There’s an event this Tuesday! We need workers, so if you’re interested you should email utcbooking@gmail.com with the subject line “I WANT TO WORK THE EVENT SEPTEMBER 2″. It pays $10/hour and should require minimal work.

We also have a show October 24 (Shafty and the Taints + The Quarks + Supreme World Emperors + Ground Rules) that’ll need workers. Working shows is a great way to get involved and get experience running live sound.

Advertising Officer (Ashley): There will be a Lint and Loose Change meeting after the MN meeting ends. Also, we’re getting a big group of UtC kids to go to the SCPC Six Flags event on September 19th! Get your tickets soon, and if you want to meet up with us you should join the Facebook event. (Also, ask Leland about his rollercoaster addiction).

IT Officer: I’ll be making website changes very soon.

Vice President: If you want to get practice time, talk to me after the meeting. If you want to film something or do other after-hours stuff, I’m the guy to talk to.

Advertising Officer (Krish): Like James said, we have a show Oct 24th. 2 of the bands are the product of the new bands showcase from last semester! Also, on October 25th there’ll be a Weezer Blue Album tribute showcase

General Manager: Open house is tomorrow! If you want to come and check out all the stuff we do (and maybe get free stuff), swing by between 10 am & 3 pm.

Minister of Propaganda: New Bands Showcase: it’s a 10 week battle of the bands! We’ll find people for you to play with, give you practice time, and at the end you’ll perform 10 minutes of your music in our showcase in November. It’s a good fast track for those who want to start a band, and it’s for everyone!

Guitar/voice lessons: I’m looking for teachers, as well as more people who want to learn.

Mike Leon says: Jortsfest is this Saturday! There’ll be 10 bands, and jorts are not required (but I’ll give you dirty looks if you don’t wear them). I’m gathering a group on Friday for a jorts-making party – we’ll meet at 12:30 pm at UTC and walk over to Salvation Army to pick out some jeans. The MGRs, exStellarator, and a bunch of other ATL bands will be playing!

If you want to make show posters or learn Photoshop/Gimp/other editing software, the advertising committee would love your help.

Secretary: If you want to join the mailing list or learn how to join MN on Jacketpages, talk to me after the meeting.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 per year – and they come with a free shirt! We’re in the process of getting more shirts, but we’ll have a huge screen printing party at some point. Practice fees are $15 per semester, and locker fees are $5 per month (we don’t have any available, but you can get on the waiting list).

Open Mic Officer: Open mic is this Thursday night, and the theme is Wild Wild West. It’s super chill and super cool. Signups start run from 8-9 pm, the show starts at 8:30, and it ends whenever the last person finishes.

General Announcements:

Stearns – Next Saturday, we’re taking a group to go see Diarrhea Planet at The Masquerade! We’ll tell you more info next week.

Leland – I’m the officer of redundancy and next week we’lll be taking a group of UtC kids to go see Diarrhea Planet at The Masquerade! Tickets are $12 at the door, but you can buy them online ahead of time. We’ll be organizing carpools.

Krish: My friend Brittany and I are planning on doing a cover of a cover of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin – she plays violin and I’ll be playing drums. If you want to help out, come talk to me.

Simon: I’m trying to start a new Afrobeat band! It’s a mix of traditional African music, funk, latin, and jazz, plus cool solos and someone yelling about social issues. I’m looking for a lot of people, mostly those who play wind or brass instruments (but also bass/guitar/drums/vocals/keyboards). If you’re interested, you can contact me at saberman@gatech.edu.

Chad: I’m from a band called Ground Rules, and we’re looking for a keyboardist! We play hard rock and math funk.

Chris Deese: Hi! If you don’t know me, my name is Chris.  I’m starting a new collab project, looking for people who like proggy rock and post-hardcore. If you’re into this, come talk to me and let’s be best friends.

Alex: Our Senior Hugs Officer would like you to know that CCF is looking for someone to perform 3 acoustic songs for their event tomorrow. Let me know if you’re interested.

Andrew Brooks: I’m starting up a jazz group! All instruments are welcome. If you want to join, come talk to me

Miscellaneous Links:

New Bands Showcase Signups: www.tinyurl.com/newbandsGT

New Bands Showcase Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/715081548529547

Open House (Tuesday 10am-3pm):  http://www.facebook.com/events/280346322158284/

Open Mic (Thursday 8pm-whenever):  http://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/

Jortsfest 2014 (Saturday 4pm-12am):  http://www.facebook.com/events/322901714525120/

Six Flags (September 19th):  http://www.facebook.com/events/683532641736981/

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