Upcoming Shows
April 23 7:30 pmGT Jazz Combos
April 25 6:00 pmInfinite Harmony
May 19 8:00 pmKoo Koo Kanga Roo!
May 24 7:00 pmThe Waitress / Wire Method / Pallow / Of the Vine / Black Buttons
May 29 7:00 pmJason Anderson / Paul Baribeau / Noel Hart
14 Apr

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 4/14/2014

Senior Hug Officer: I haven’t actually hugged everybody yet, but I’m working on it.

Minister of Propaganda: There are two really cool events this week! If anyone wants to work shows and get paid, come talk to me after the meeting.

Secretary: If you want to join the mailing list, talk to me! If you want to join the club, go give Kishore your money and then come talk to me.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 per year, practice fees are $15 per semester, and lockers are $5 per month. And apparently we’re doing musical chairs. If you want a locker, there’s a waiting list.

Open Mic Officer: (Mike) Hi, my name is Caroline Walden, and I’m Open Mic officer. My name is Open Mic-oline and I’m the purveyor of open mic-ness. Signups are from 8 to 9 pm, and the show starts at 8:30. The theme this week is “Last Call”, since it’s the last one of the semester.

Advertising Underling (Ashley): The new bands showcase is Friday at UTC! Doors are at 7 pm, show starts at 7:30. It’s free if you have a Buzzcard and $5 otherwise. You should come out , it’ll be fun and my band (Science, Bitch!) is playing!

Check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/460028877464536/

Equipment Minotaur: Final sound class of the semester is next Monday after the meeting.

General Manager: The missing key has been found! The front desk is sorry. Also, I’ll be running a very fun-filled, snack-filled trivia event! I made a Facebook event for it: https://www.facebook.com/events/634936659914225/

Advertising Underling (Chad): Saturday, we’ve got an awesome show featuring King of Prussia (from Barcelona) + Case Conrad (from Sweden)+ Powerkompany (Athens, GA) + The Merry Go Rounds (right here) (https://www.facebook.com/events/282223555267660/)!

Jared says: King of Prussia sounds like R.E.M., Case Conrad sounds like the B-52’s on crack (so, the B-52’s), and Powerkompany sounds like awesome power pop. And all of them are releasing new records!

Vice President: No practice time after 4 pm on Saturday, but other than that we’re good to go!

IT Wizard: (Jared) Hi, I’m Lisa, and I’m still collecting band bios to put on the website! Send your band’s name, a short bio, and links for your music to my email address (lrossi@gatech.edu).

General announcements:

Jared: Chad takes photos of bands!

New Bands Showcase introductions:

Steve: I’m in SU(2), we’re a band of physics grad students.

Tim: Representing Spitfire Freak Machine.

Alex Alty and François: Shafty and the Taints (he can’t say it louder because it’s low-key)


Name game reruns!

April 15, 2013

Name Game: If you could be an article of clothing, what would you be?

Winner: “Spencer’s Baggy Pants!!”, Caity

Runnersup: 1) Alex, “Chainmail… like underarmor”. 2)Brian Palmer “My closet of Dad/Hawaiian shirts.”


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07 Apr

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 4/7/2014

Minister of Propaganda: Next Friday is the finals of the New Bands Showcase at Under the Couch! There’ll be snacks and drinks and stuff like that, so come out and see some brand new talent make their debut performances.

Advertising Underling (Ashley): This Friday we have a show! Futo + Omnignome + Man Up, Yancey + Pallow. Doors are at 7 pm, show starts at 8. (Jared: If you like the postal service or pavement or phish, you will like at least one of the bands on the bill.)

Vice President: Does Greensleeves imply that only the sleeves are green, or does the whole shirt have to be green?

The max amount of hours you can book this week is back to normal (3 at a time). See me after the meeting if you want to book. Also, remember to sign your name on the volunteer lists behind the desks! And if you do have practice time, PLEASE SIGN IN AND OUT ON THE PRACTICE SHEET. Some of our quarter inch cables have gone missing. Don’t steal from us (and if you have, bring it back!).

Open Mic Officer: Open Mic is Thursday night at 8:30pm! Signups are from 8 to 9 only. The theme this week is circus (again)! If everyone dresses like clowns, I’ll be really happy.

Treasurer: Normal fees stuff:  Dues are $10 per year, practice fees are $15 per semester, and lockers are $5 per month (we don’t have any available at the moment, but there’s a waiting list if you want to be in line for one). Also, we’ll be buying stuff in the next few weeks! There’ll be an empty sheet in the practice room, so if there’s anything you want us to buy make sure that you write it down. We might actually buy it.

General Manager: As opposed to Mike Stearns who runs the meetings, I walk the meetings. I also manage generally. Also, I generally don’t have anything to say today.

Advertising Underling (Chad): UTC is hosting a Record Store Day show! We have such awesome acts as King of Prussia, Case Conrad, and Georgia Tech’s very own Merry Go Rounds. It’ll be fun!

Senior Hug Officer: I hugged everybody!

IT Wizard: I’m adding a page that showcases all the bands that are affiliated with UTC! Send me an email with a short bio and links to your music at lrossi@gatech.edu.

Booking Officer: There’s a karaoke event on Thursday. James, Leland, and/or Caroline will be working.

Record store day – King of Prussia is promoting their new double album, and both they and Case Conrad have been talked about by some big names (NPR, Pitchfork, and more). During the daytime, we’ll be playing entire vinyl albums (delicious!), so feel free to bring yours in. Leland will be also hosting a music trivia event (possibly with food/prizes!). TL;DR come celebrate with us!

President: No sound class today. Is there anyone who wants to work the Taal Tadka show (you’ll make bank) Monday night and Wednesday night (James and someone else? Let us know if you can!)

General announcements

Leland: The Atlanta Silverbacks (soccer team) are starting their season soon, so if you want to go see some soccer matches with me just let me know.

Archie: What’s going on with the extra drumset? (Spencer: we’re working on it.)

Kwaku: There’ll be a hip-hop concert at UTC this Saturday! It’ll be packed and there’ll be people from all over the city here. It’ll be pretty hype, I’ll be playing and my group (the Round Table) will be playing. And we may have a special guest! Either way, it’ll be the best night of your life.

Christian: The Classical Music Club is having a recital this Wednesday at 8 pm in the Couch building. Crystal Chau (who won a really big competition a couple years ago) will be playing, and it’l probably something crazy and mind-blowing.

Stearns: The Merry Go Rounds released an album! It’s really cool and we worked really hard on it. You should buy a physical copy or download the digital version for free! And other people that aren’t us think it’s cool too!

Hyung: I’m from Oscar band and we’re having a concert here on Saturday from 7 to 9.


Name game reruns!

June 3rd, 2013

Name Game: What’s your favorite holiday?

Winner: Mike L. “Archie’s Birthday”

Ambiguous Winner: “CINCO DE CUATRO”


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31 Mar

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 3/31/2014

VP: Don’t make me mad or my kidneys might start to explode. Also, there’s not a lot of stuff going on today.

Officer Reports

Equipment Manager: If you want to learn about studio things, or want me to record stuff for you, talk to me! Sound class after tonight’s meeting.

IT Wizard: I’m in the process of doing things to the website.

Senior Hugs Officer: I hugged everyone.

Minister of Propoganda: We have a show here on April 11th (Omnignome, Man Up, Yancey, and more!). We also need workers for a couple of GT events as well:

  • Saturday: 7-9:30 (Buzzbeats event. Kishore + Krish)
  • April 10 (Thursday): Karaoke 6-8 pm (need 2 workers)

Friday April 18th: New Bands Showcase finals!

Vice President: If you want to book practice time, come to me! Also, if you work one of the shows and you’ve signed up on the lists behind the desk, you get to book practice time one week early! And just in case you haven’t heard, we’re able to book practice time up to 1:45 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Secretary: If you want to be added to the mailing list (and get these sweet meeting minutes that I’m typing up), you should come talk me. If you want to join the club, go pay the Treasurer (Kishore) and then come talk to me. If you want another hug, go talk to Archie.

Open Mic Officer: Open mic this Thursday!  Performances start at 8:30, signups start at 8 and and it ends whenever the last act is finished. The theme will be Recess! Also, there will be a 1 song/5-minute limit because of tests and stuff.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 per year, practice fees are $15 per semester, and lockers are $5 per month. We don’t have any open at the moment, but there’s a waiting list if you want to be in line for one. Before you book practice times, you have to pay your dues and practice fees.

Advertising Underling (Ashley): You should sign up and volunteer for shows! It’s a lot of fun.

Also, hi, I’m Leland Bond and I’m the general manager. I can’t make it to the meeting today because I’m generally managing my grade.

Record store day is Apri 19th! We’re having some cool events, so you should come and help out. We’re also having an open house around that time (either the few days before or a few of the days afterward), where we’ll be doing more cool stuff that we also need volunteers for. If you’re interested in helping out, talk to me and I’ll tell Leland.

President: I’m also Leland Bond!

Daytime worker applications are due next Friday. It’s a fun job! Search “Georgia Tech Student Center jobs” online, and just find the one for UTC and apply. Note: you’ll get priority if you can work both fall and summer.

Advertising Underling (Chad): The Merry Go Rounds are playing a show at the Drunken Unicorn on Friday April 4th! They’re also releasing their debut EP that day. If you want a ride, talk to one of the band members.

Open Floor

Christian: the classical music recital has been moved to April 22nd. I’ll keep you guys posted. Let me know if you want to play it.


Name game reruns!

November 19th, 2012

Name Game: If you could stuff your Turkey with anything, what would you stuff it with?
Winner: “Andrew Garfield”, Brian
Runnerup: “Bacon”, Chip


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24 Mar

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 3/24/2014

President: I can wave my hands in the air and it feels good. Also, Mark wrote a great song about chickens.

(Stearns is the acting president today. Silliness abounds.)

Officer Reports

Treasurer: I’m really tired and I’m the treasurer.

Fees: Dues are $10 per year, practice fees are $15 per semester, and lockers are $5 per month. We don’t have any open at the moment, but there’s a waiting list if you want to be in line for one.

If you want to join the club, come let me steal your money, and then go talk to Alex. (We accept dogecoins.)

General Manager: We’re getting a new programming hour! Spencer will be hosting a Smooth Jazz and Classical hour on Fridays .

Senior Hug Officer: I’ll hug all of you a second time later if you’re nice.

IT Wizard: Still working on changes on the website. It’ll happen so soon it’ll hurt.

Secretary: I’m the guy that types up what goes on in the meetings and sends it out in an email! If you want to get on the mailing list for the minutes, talk to me. If you want to join the club, go give all your money to Kishore, and then come talk to me so I can get you on the Jacketpages and mailing list.

Open Mic Officer: Signups are 8-9, performances start at 8:30, and it ends whenever the last act is finished. This week’s theme is the circus! You should come dressed as a clown. I’m also dating a 5 year old.

Vice President: If you want practice time: sign up with me behind the desk. We can now schedule practice time up  to 1:30 am on Fridays and Saturdays! You should also use the sign in/sign out list behind the desk so we can keep track of what goes on.  If you’re signed up to work a free show or are just helping out around the space, you should sign the volunteer list so that you can get the opportunity to book practice time a week before everyone else!.

Equipment Manager: If you’re interested in recording/learning about  recording, come talk to me. Also, there is no sound class today – it’ll probably be next week. If you have any questions about that stuff or equipment related stuff, talk to me!

Advertising Underling (Chad): The Merry Go Rounds are having an LP release show at the Drunken Unicorn on April 4th! You should go.

Minister of Propoganda: I like doing fun things. Also, we’re planning to do a huge outdoor music and arts festival to kick off fall semester! We’ll be working with SCPC, WREK, and GT Dining & Food Services to get other cool stuff. I’m going to head the planning meeting after this meeting, so if you want to come with me and help out that’d be cool.

Two shows this week:

  • Wednesday:  A Moment’s Notice + Rookie Move.
  • Friday (first show that Jared and Caity booked!): Night of female performers >> Jindalee (from Toronto) / Molly Sullivan / He Sang She Sang / Rebecca Flax.

They’ll be a lot of fun, so you should come hang out! If you have any questions about committees and stuff, don’t be afraid to ask me.

General Announcements

Simon: The bass in the practice room, is it always there? (Answer: Yes! But it doesn’t always work…)

Jared: The Merry Go Rounds are releasing our first full-length album April 4th at the Drunken Unicorn! It’s a pretty special thing that a UTC band plays a club show, so it would be awesome if you showed up to support us!

James: Supreme World Emperors are looking for a drummer! Also, I’m trying to book a show May 2nd and I’m looking for bands (with full albums or long EPs) to join the bill. It’ll consist of bands playing one of their albums/EPs from front to back.

Leland: We’ll be having an Open House leading up to record store day! We’ll give people a tour of the space, explain a little bit of what goes on here, and give ‘em a gift bag of goodies. If you want to volunteer (in either the planning or the tour-giving), please come talk to me!


Name game reruns!

September 2, 2013

Name Game: What is your name and what is your favorite animal?

Winner: Mike Leon – flying Archie

Loser: Leland – Heracross


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