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02 Dec

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 12/1/2014

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This week’s events

Thursday: Open Mic Mike’s last Open Mic, theme is “‘Round Midnight” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237)

Friday: UTC Holiday Party (https://www.facebook.com/events/572188546259823/)


Last meeting of the semester!

Attendance: 29

Officer Reports

Senior Hugs Officer: I haven’t hugged anybody yet.

Historian (Claire): I got bangs and a lip ring ’cause I hate my parents.

Advertising Officer (Krish): Thanks to everyone who came to the show on Monday, and thanks Mike Stearns for the amazing light choreography.

Equipment Manager: Have a Merry Christmas!

General Manager: I’m vice president of buying cool s***. I have nothing to report.

IT Officer: It’s dead week, so I haven’t been doing anything.

Secretary: Come say hi to me, I guess?

Open Mic Officer: Open Mic Mike is running open mic this week! This week’s theme will be the classic Thelonious Monk song “‘Round Midnight”.

Caroline: I think you’ve all given me your money. If you haven’t given me your money yet and want to practice for the next two weeks, you can give me five dollars.

Minister of Propaganda: 1) Caroline knit me a scarf! 2) LLC issue #3 will probably be out sometime this week because CentralPS is terrible.  3) This Friday is our holiday party! It’ll be at UtC from 6pm until we decide to go somewhere else. We’ll have lots of pizza (but please bring snacks and drinks and cookies!), holiday music, dreidel, Festivus and Kwanzaa things, and more! Most importantly, we’ll be hosting the Foamy awards! This time around, we have 5 or 6 awards that you can vote on here. And Santa might be there if he ever comes back from Maryland (I mean, the North Pole). And even more important than Santa Claus, we’re doing a white elephant gift exchange! If you want to participate, you have to bring a gift!

Booking Officer: I have no updates.

Senior Hugs Officer: Update – I’ve hugged almost everybody!

Vice President: We’ve got practice time signups for the next two weeks. Also don’t buy Polo Ralph Red and Blue – it smells awful.

President: We’ll be having our CD exchange after the meeting! Only take a CD if you put one in. Also, come to the holiday party! If you can’t make it, make sure to come to Open Mic on Thursday to pick up your Foamy award.

Advertising Officer (Sid): You should totally come to the holiday praty. [Archie: I think Sid is both here and not here.]

General Announcements

Krish: Last week I found a mashup of M83’s “Midnight City” and Men at Work’s “Down Under”, and it changed my life. If you mash up  anything with Men at Work’s “Man Down Under”, I will listen to it.

Garrett: I’m selling a pair of Sennheiser headphones. Talk to me if you’re interested.

Daniel: I’m starting to mix a lot. If you were going to pay someone to mix something, you should pay me instead because I’m broke and I’m your friend.

Bailey: There’s a Japanese jazz-fusiony band called T-Square!

Kish: Caroline also knitted me a scarf. Come feel it in an orderly fashion after the meeting.

Miscellaneous links

Foamy Awards poll: http://dft.ba/-pollies

Open Mic Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237

Under the Couch Holiday party (12/5): https://www.facebook.com/events/572188546259823/

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18 Nov

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 11/17/2014

This week’s events

Thursday: “Hand Turkeys”-themed Open Mic + Geekapalooza Comedy Night (https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237)

Friday: New Bands Showcase Finals (https://www.facebook.com/events/715081548529547/)

Saturday: Veara + Second To Last + Microwave + more (https://www.facebook.com/events/1551256721772182/)

Monday 11/24: Champagne Room + Hermits of Suburbia + more (https://www.facebook.com/events/798332033542054/)


Attendance: 29

Officer Reports

IT Officer: Nothing too interesting to report, but I’ve added a link to the website for the Spotify playlists.

Treasurer: I take your money and stuff. Dues for a whole year are $10, practice fees for the rest of the semester are $5.

Minister of Propaganda: LLC issue #3 is gonna come out probably by next Monday. If you have any suggestions, send them to me ASAP at llczine@gmail.com.

Advertising Officer (Sid): Friday is the New Bands Showcase finals! Performing are Event Horizon, Antarcticats, Honest, The Happiness Police, Cerebral Honey, and Hot for Math Teacher. It’ll be fun! Also, we’ll be hosting a Champagne Room concert instead of having a meeting next Monday. You should be there!

Open Mic Officer: This Thursday’s open mic will be an hour long (from 7:30 to 8:30) because of comedy night, and this week’s theme is “Hand Turkeys”.

Equipment Manager: I have nothing to report. Contact me if you want to use the recording studio or if you have questions/suggestions about equipment.

Senior Hugs Officer: I have hugged everybody in the room.

Secretary: If you’re not on the mailing list yet, come talk to me. Also, if you haven’t joined Musician’s Network on Jacketpages yet and want to know how, talk to me.

Historian (Jed): I thought that we found the constitution last week, but it turns out that was a lie. It wasn’t the one we were looking for – there should be a physical copy around somewhere. Also, if you were part of the New Bands Showcase, I took a lot of pictures of you which will be posted soon.

Vice President: As you can see, we did a fun decorating thing! We have a very interestingly decorated Christmas tree that we’re very proud of. Also, Priority Request Forms exist, but the priority signups expire at the end of the semester. The link should be on the website soon.

Booking Officer: We have 3 shows that need workers: New Bands Showcase finals (Nov 21), Microwave (Nov 22), and Oscar Band (Nov 23). Remember, work free shows and get priority practice signups!

President: Remember, elections for the next full year will happen in January. We’ll have info packets on all the officer positions for those who are interested in running for a position.

General Announcements

Greta: I found a red flash drive in the couch…

Ashley: On December 5th (the Friday of Dead Week), we’re going to have a holiday party at UtC! We’ll have a white elepant exchange, the Foamies award ceremony, and more!

Stearns: We’re having a CD exchange on December 1st! Please bring a mix CD to share.

Mike Leon: Slingshot Dakota is playing Wonderroot on Saturday! I’m riding my bike there, but if you’re interested in going let me know.

Archie: Does anyone know if the bass cab is going to be loaned out for the RHA Fall Fest on Thursday? [We'll probably loan them James's amp]

Jared: I wanna thank everyone for helping out with the New Bands Showcase. It’s been going very well so far, and it culminates in the finals this Friday. Music should start around 7:45-8, end around 10:30-11. If you’re in a new band, you’re welcome to play up to 25 minutes if you have that much material.

  • Please find time to laugh and enjoy music and art and take time off schoolwork. We’re hosting another comedy night on Thursday, so come and hang out with us (note: there will be food!).
  • Also, I’m in a band called Champagne Room and we’re playing at Under the Couch on Monday the 24th. It would mean a lot to me if you guys would come out and see us play. Greg and Mike have graciously offered to make a live recording of it, so hopefully we’ll be able to release a live album.

Miscellaneous Links

Open Mic/Comedy Night (Nov. 20th): https://www.facebook.com/events/347422302049329/

Open Mic Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237

New Bands Showcase Finals (Nov. 21st): https://www.facebook.com/events/715081548529547/

Veara + Second To Last + Microwave + more (Nov. 22nd): https://www.facebook.com/events/1551256721772182/

Champagne Room + Hermits of Suburbia + more (Nov. 24th): https://www.facebook.com/events/798332033542054/

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11 Nov

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 11/10/2014

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This Week’s Events

Wednesday and Friday: New Bands Showcase Semifinals (https://www.facebook.com/events/715081548529547/)

Thursday: “Jed”-themed Open Mic (https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237)

Saturday: The New Punk Show (https://www.facebook.com/events/736231383124186/)

Sunday: “Come Apart and Rest Awhile” (https://www.facebook.com/events/746282552074930/)


Attendance: 32

Officer Reports

Treasurer: I’m the person you give your  money to if you haven’t paid dues or practice fees. Dues are $10 per year and practice fees are now $5 for the rest of the semester.

Historian (Jed): My life’s quest of the past two weeks has been completed by Chad telling us he has a copy of our constitution.

Vice President: The space needs redecorating! We’re taking down the cobwebs and putting up a holiday tree and things. It’ll be a potluck, so bring food! It’ll happen this Saturday from 12-4 pm. Also, PRF forms are still available and are being used by people! Log your unpaid work at Under the Couch here.

Historian (Claire): Like Jed said, we found the constitution.

Senior Hugs Officer: I done hugged everybody in this room.

Booking Officer: We have the New Bands Showcase semifinals this week! We need one worker for Friday’s semifinal. We also need one worker for this Saturday’s Afropunk show. Next Monday there’s a SHPE movie night that needs one worker and the GT Jazz combo on Wednesday needs 2 workers (Sid, maybe Tanika). We also need 1 more worker for the NewBands Showcase finals (Caroline).

IT Officer: I’m not turning into my mom, I’m just Chad the IT officer. The new website is going to be rolling out around the end of the semester.

Open Mic Officer: I’m UtC’s resident hairdresser. This week’s Open Mic theme is Jed! Signups are from 8-9 pm, and show starts at 8:30 and will run until 11. Also, I’ll braid your hair if you want me to.

General Manager: Hi.

Minister of Propaganda: LLC issue #3 is going to come out the week before Thanksgiving break, and submissions are due this Friday. This issue’s general theme is “No Shame November”.

  • Leland: I have a dream that Lint & Loose Change can become LLC, LLC.

Secretary: If you haven’t joined the mailing list or Jacketpages yet, come talk to me. If you haven’t given Archie a hug yet, you should go do that.

General Announcements

Jared: New Bands representatives, stand and introduce yourselves!

  • Nick & Elliot (Cerebral Honey)
  • Meredith (Miss Demeanor and the Felonies)
  • James (Alchemists)
  • Ginna (Honest)
  • Ashley & James (The Happiness Police)
  • Chad (The Antarcticats)
  • Bailey (Nameless, Shameless)
  • Tyler (not sure what my band’s name is)
  • Nick & Sid (The 69th Amendment)

Jake: I’m on a quest to start a music publication next semester that focuses on the Atlanta music scene and smaller bands. Talk to me if you’re interested.

James: My band Supreme World Emperors is playing a free show at the Union in EAV in east Atlanta this Thursday. Doors at 9, music at 9:30. Ask Jared if you’d like a ride there. (It might be 21+…)

Chad: Ground Rules is playing a thing at a frat (Psi Upsilon) this Friday night. Not sure if it’s private or public, but you can get in if you bring a canned good. Let’s all go and crash their party!

Greta: A few of us are going to form an all girls band! I’m sending out a WhenIsGood soon. If you’re interested, talk to me ASAP!

Sid: Take a calendar!

Jared: Calendar things:

  • This Sunday night I’ll be hosting a tiny retreat here. Come hang out, relax, speak your mind, etc.
  • Also, 2 weeks from tonight there will be no meeting because there will be a Champagne Room show! It’ll be fun. Be there.
  • Also, the Monday after that (Dead Week) will be our last meeting of the year. We’ll be having a mixtape exchange, so we’ll be handing out blank CDs next week for those who want one.
  • Dec. 5th will be our last official event of the year: a holiday party at UTC from 6-10pm! We’ll have a White Elephant gift exchange, dreidel, the 2nd ever Foamy awards, and more.
  • If you want to be an officer next year, start thinking about what you might want to run for and talk to current officers in those positions.

Miscellaneous links

November Events Calendar: http://i.imgur.com/jyoBGYo.jpg

New Bands Showcase Semifinals (Nov. 12th & Nov. 14th): https://www.facebook.com/events/715081548529547/

Open Mic (Thursdays 8pm-11pm or everyone’s done): https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237

The New Punk Show (Nov. 15th): https://www.facebook.com/events/736231383124186/

Jared’s “Come Apart and Rest Awhile” event (Nov. 16th): https://www.facebook.com/events/746282552074930/

Champagne Room + Hermits of Suburbia + Ye Flask + more (Nov. 24th): https://www.facebook.com/events/798332033542054/

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28 Oct

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 10/27/2014

This Week’s Events

Tuesday: Self Defense Family + Restorations + Word Travels Fast (http://www.facebook.com/events/812389082116513/)

Thursday: “Spoopy” @ Open Mic (https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237)

Friday: Rocky Horror Tribute Show feat. Hot Patootie (https://www.facebook.com/events/741710149226268/)

Monday 11/3: Laura Stevenson + Solids + The Merry Go Rounds + Man Up, Yancey (https://www.facebook.com/events/380600072094988/)


Attendance: 43

Officer Reports

Historian (Jed): We have nothing specific to report, but I promise we have some things planned.

Secretary: If you haven’t joined Musician’s Network on Jacketpages yet, sign up ASAP!

Vice President: There will be no meeting next week. You won’t be able to book practice next week, so book both weeks’ practice times today! Also, the priority request form exists and still lets you get priority practice signups. Fill it out if you’ve done something to help the club!

Treasurer: Dues are $10 per year, practice fees $10 for the remainder of the semester, and locker fees are $5 per month (we don’t have any available at the moment, though). Also, I’d like to report that girls night was a huge success and we’ll never tell you what happened.

Advertising Officer (Krish): The Hot Patootie show is on Saturday! Also, on Monday we have the Laura Stevenson show instead of a meeting.

Booking Officer: We need workers for the Saturday and Monday shows. Also, there is a Slam Poetry event Wednesday at 7:30.

  • Also, there are two events on November 5th that need workers. If you want money, sign up! [Jared will work 11/5, Kwaku will work 10/29]

General Manger: I had an idea that we could possibly book out UtC for some of the after hours time during dead week for studying purposes. More on this later.

IT Officer: I’m updating the officer pages on the website as we speak.

Open Mic Officer: This week’s theme is “Spoopy”! Remember, signups are from 8-9 pm on Thursday and the show starts at 8:30.

President: Remember, we have a show instead of a meeting next week. You should be there!

Senior Paranormal Activity Officer (Leland): [Details redacted by the ghosts of Under the Couch. Ooooooooooh!]

  • Krish: Are ghosts afraid of ghosts? (Leland: No, that would be like saying that pie charts are afraid of pie charts.)

General Announcements

Aaron: I have an Alesis DM10 electric drumkit for sale. (It’s in very good condition!)

Stearns: The Merry Go Rounds are playing at Under the Couch next Monday with a nationally touring band! You should come see it. As an added bonus, I will sign virtually anything you give me.

Leland: I have 3 spare tix for Death from Above 1979 (really cool dance-punk) next Monday night at Buckhead Theater.

Jed: I was looking at going to for Manchester Orchestra, Dustin, O Brother, and more at Center Stage the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. If anyone else is interested, tell me.

Leland: We have another iteration of the UTC Spotify playlist is by Sara! This week’s theme is “Wake Up Music”.

Chad: I have a laptop for anyone who knows how to get rid of a laptop.

Krish: I may or may not be going to the Watsky show this Thursday. If I end up going, my friend and I could probably take you.

Jared: If you’re in one of the New Bands Showcase bands, we’re scheduling the semifinal heats now. There will be at least two nights on the second week of November (the 10th, 12th, and/or 14th). Please talk with your bandmates and send me the day or two days that you can perform, as well as the equipment you need and your band’s name. We have two or three times as many bands competing this year than there were last year, so the two or 3 top bands from each semifinal will compete in the final showcase on the 21st. If you don’t have enough originals, you can play a cover.

  • Friday night is Halloween, so get your work done early this week so you can fully enjoy the Halloween weekend. Go have fun! But be sure to be at UtC for the Rocky Horror Picture show cover band, as well as my Halloween cover band Aretha Frankenstein. It’ll be a blast, so be there! We’ll go to WREK’s halloween party afterward.

Kwaku: On Friday I’ll be shooting a video for my song Braggadocious. We’ll be shooting on Fowler and in the stadium, and we’ll be partying afterwards. Come by if you want to be in a YouTube video that might get a couple thousand views or just hang out with The Round Table.

Kevin (from RHA): RHA is looking for 5-6 bands to play an event on Tech Green on Thursday, November 13th. If interested, contact me at ncc@rha.gatech.edu.

Miscellaneous Links

Spotify playlist (courtesy of Sara): https://play.spotify.com/user/1259224919/playlist/5qBW2Jyz2MicJn7mUROr0Z

Self Defense Family + Restorations + Word Travels Fast (Oct. 28th): http://www.facebook.com/events/812389082116513/

Open Mic (Thursdays 8pm-11pm or everyone’s done): https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237

Rocky Horror Tribute Show feat. Hot Patootie (Nov. 1st): https://www.facebook.com/events/741710149226268/

Laura Stevenson + Solids + The Merry Go Rounds + Man Up, Yancey (Nov. 3rd): https://www.facebook.com/events/380600072094988/


*How to join up on Jacketpages*

  1. Go to jacketpages.gatech.edu
  2. Login using your GT account
    1. Create an account if you don’t already have one
  3. Follow this link (http://jacketpages.gatech.edu/organizations/view/27894) and click “Join Organization”
  4. Give yourself a pat on the back. You did it!
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