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26 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/26/2015

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Officer Announcements:

Vice President (Caroline): I am your new VP and I will be running the meeting.
I am in charge of booking practice time, so come to me after the meeting.

Secretary (Nick): I’m the new secretary.
I have nothing to report, but if you need to do jacketpages things, come talk to me, and if you want to be added to the mailing list come talk to me too.

Treasurer (Meredith): I am your new treasurer. Dues are $10, practice fees are $15 per semester
Lint and Loose Change submissions are due the 30th; submit things to llczine@gmail.com.

IT Officer (Chad): I’m the IT officer
I have a pet rabbit. I thought she was dying but it turns out she’s always in heat, so now I have to get her spayed.
The Google calendar will soon be synced to the new website, but it’s not up yet but it will be soon.

Historian (Claire): I’m the historian.
I have nothing to report, except that we are certainly making history.

Booking Officer (Jack): I’m the booking officer.
There’s a show Thursday, you should see it. If you’re interested in seeing any bands play at UTC or booking shows here, come to me.

Equipment Manager (Chris): I’m the equipment manager.
I have nothing to report, except please don’t unplug stuff from the computer; use the port next to the wireless thing on the bottom for external hard drives.

Advertising Officer (Sid): I’m an advertising officer.
Instagram page is underthecouch, we already have 35 followers.

Minister of Propaganda (Krish): I’m the minister of propaganda.
Billy Mack Collector is playing on Thursday, along with The Quarks, James Hunter, and the Sexy Sax Trio. As always it’s free for students, $5 otherwise.
Propaganda meetings are starting soon; we’ll talk about Couchella, etc. We’re working out a schedule now.

President (Alex): I’m the new president.
Thanks for coming to the meeting.
Blanket statement–please don’t have alcohol, drugs, or anything like that in UTC–it’s against student center policy.
Thanks to the new officers for being here.
If you took a physics test, I’m sorry.

General Announcements:

Mike Leon: If you or anybody you know is selling a Future Islands ticket, I want one.

Krish: I’m looking to do a music thing with Jain, who is a 1st semester music tech student and keyboardist.

Steven: I play piano, guitar, and bass, and I looking for jam buddies–I play anything besides classical.

Tyler: I play guitar, and I want to learn drums.

Krish: We will have guitar lessons, probably drum lessons, maybe music theory lessons–more info next week.

Kwaku: Mid-April, having a mini-Kanye-type concert with some medium-sized names in Atlanta–if you want to help organize this, come talk to me or email me.

Chad: Looking for a fourth drummer to finish violent emo metal drum quartet.

Jack: I’m helping organize a classical Indian music festival on Feb 21– it’s called Khayaal, if you’re interested come talk to me.

Tom: UTC-wide campout–passing around name/email list.

Brandon: I play bass, I’m looking for people to jam with–I play mathy stuff.

Sid: I kind of look like Mike Leon today.

Alex: Austin (our open mic officer) is taking a physics test. The YouTube channel is UnderTheCouchMN, you should subscribe.

Roshni: Semi-Average Joe invited me to sing with him at JavaMonkey in Decatur on Saturday.

Link to the Facebook page:

Link to YouTube page:

Link to Instagram:

Events coming up:
Billy Mack Collector // The Quarks // A Very Saxy Threesome // James Hunter on Thursday:

Summit will be here Friday:

Also this.

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20 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/19/2015

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This week’s events

Thursday: Open mic (https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/)

Friday: Future Babes + MGRs + Cerebral Honey + Happiness Police (https://www.facebook.com/events/353219961515490/)


Attendance: 39

Officer Reports

Secretary: Come talk to me if you’re not yet on the email list or if you haven’t joined us Jacketpages.

Historian (Meredith): Nothing to report.

Advertising Officer (Krish): We have a show this Friday featuring Future Babes, The Merry Go Rounds, Cerebral Honey, and Happiness Police. Sid has flyers to pass around. Please tell your friends!

Open Mic Officer: Open Mic is on Thursday! Signups are from 8-9 and the show starts at 8:30. Whoever takes over will be doing that.

Advertising Officer (Sid): I’m passing out flyers for this weeks show. Also, we’re tabling on Skiles from 11-2 on Wednesday and Thursday, so come hang out with us and make us look cool.

Lint & Loose Change Editor: We’re taking submissions for the February issue until January 30th. Send your submissions in to llczine@gmail.com/Facebook message them to me/submit on Google drive. Try to keep your submissions to 2-3 pages, but if it’s longer we’ll try to put them in next the issue. Also, we’re passing around the sheets for favorite new song, new album, and new artist of 2014 + bad sex advice, so feel free to add to those.

IT Officer: I’m sick. That’s all.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 and practice fees are $15. Also, I will be doing practice times at the end of the meeting, so come to me with your dues and practice times.

President: Last minute nominations: Jack (Booking), Mitcham (Advertising Underlings)

Congratulations to our newly elected officers!

  • President: Alex
  • Vice President: Caroline
  • Treasurer: Meredith
  • Secretary: Nick Bond
  • Minister of Propaganda: Krish
  • General Manager: Tanika
  • Booking Officer: Jack
  • Equipment Manager: Chris
  • IT Officer: Chad
  • Open Mic Officer: Austin
  • Historian: Claire
  • Advertising Underlings: Sid & Mitcham

Best comment: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how neat is your room?” “Wait, to clarify, do you mean how tidy it is or how cool it is?” ~Chris

[*Note: This meeting went a lot longer than usual because it was an election meeting. Normal meetings will usually end before 8 pm.]


Miscellaneous Links

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/underthecouch

Kyle Korver being my hero: http://dft.ba/-k0rVst3r

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13 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/13/2015

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This week’s events

Thursday: “Pajama Party”-themed Open mic (https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/)


Attendance: 34

Secretary: If you want join the mailing list, or are a dues-paying member and haven’t joined MN on Jacketpages yet, come talk to me after the meeting.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 per year and practice fees are $15 per semester (if you want access to our practice room and equipment).

Booking Officer: There are no shows this week. If you wanna book practice time this week, come see me and Mike Leon after the meeting.

IT Officer: Tomorrow is my 21st Birthday!

Open Mic Officer: This week’s theme is Pajama Party! As usual, signups are open from 8-9 and the show runs from 8:30-11.

Historians: We do not really have anything to report.

Advertising Officer (Sid): There are no shows this week, but there are shows on the 23rd and the 28th.

Advertising Officer (Krish): Sorry if I seem a bit hazy – I just got a call saying that my son (that I don’t have) didn’t show up to elementary school today.

Lint & Loose Change Editor (Sara): We’re taking submissions thru the 30th for our February issue, which you can submit via llczine@gmail.com (or any other way of getting them to me). We’re doing a year in review section (favorite new song, new album, new artist of 2014) + bad Cosmo tips, which you can contribute to on the sheets that are going around right now.

President: Nominations for next week’s elections!

  • Historian: Claire, Dave
  • Open Mic Officer: Austin
  • IT: Chad
  • Minister of Propaganda: Krish, Claire
  • Advertising Underling: Sid
  • Booking Officer: James
  • Equipment Manager: Chris
  • Secretary: Tanika, Nick Bond
  • Treasurer: Meredith
  • General Manager: Tanika, James, Nick Bond, Krish
  • Vice President: Caroline, Krish, Mitcham, Alex
  • President: Caroline, Alex

Keep in mind that you *can* do last minute nominations next week if you want. Also, if you want an MN t-shirt and you’ve paid dues, mark what size shirt you want on the sheet that’s going around. Shirts are coming soon!

General Announcements

Fielding: I found a bag of Doritos in my bookbag. Does anyone want it?

Sid: There’s a Pennywise and Anti-Flag show soon. Talk to me if you want to go!

Roshni: 1) I’m in an all-girl punk band with Sid and Greta and we’re looking or a guitarist! 2) I make woodburned plaques and things, so let me know if you want me to make you one.

Chad: I’m getting a Clermont Lounge train going after the meeting.

Krish: If any of you are interested in getting involved in advertising, come talk to me and Sid after the meeting. We could really use some extra help for this upcoming semester.

James: Can anyone tell me where to buy jeans in Atlanta.

Taylor(?) : I’m a drummer but  I play a bunch of different instruments

Caroline: We’re not sure if we’re having the New Bands Showcase this semester. We’re trying to gauge interest , so come talk to me after the meeting if you would be interested in participating.

Austin: I had a video camera and microphone at the last show that I’m trying to learn how to use. The footage was actually decent, so as soon as the video’s done uploading I’ll post the link to the Facebook group. If anyone wants any part of the video for their own purposes, just let me know.

Mitcham: I think there should be a UtC YouTube account. [We apparently have one. Also a Twitter account and a Tumblr account. We're not on Instagram, though.] Also, is anyone still doing any guitar or singing lessons this semester? On a related note, would anyone be interested in me teaching a music theory course of some sort?

Alex: There will be a show at UTC on Jan 23 featuring The Future Babes, The Merry Go Rounds, Cerebral Honey, and Happiness Police! You should be there and support our UTC-based bands (and The Future Babes), it should be a good show.

Chad: I play in a band called Antarcticats.

Miscellaneous links

The Future Babes + The Merry Go Rounds + Cerebral Honey + Happiness Police (Jan 23rd):  https://www.facebook.com/events/353219961515490/

Dancing panda: http://i.imgur.com/Yt8sqtK.gif

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06 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/05/2015

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This week’s events
Thursday: “Breaking Your New Year’s Resolutions”-themed Open Mic
Saturday: The Organ Machines + Antarcticats + Hot For Math Teacher + Happiness Police

Attendance: ~35

Officer Reports

IT Officer: Caroline knit me this hat. It’s pretty. I’ve been secretly working on the website, and it’ll be done as soon as I finish this one big thing. I’ll be getting help from Robert Bradshaw.
Booking Officer: I do booking things! We have a show this Saturday (also marking UtC’s 21st birthday!) featuring The Organ Machines, Antarcticats, Hot For Math Teacher, and Happiness Police. Also, please sign up to work shows and use the Priority Request Form to get priority practice signups! (Austin & Greta will work Saturday’s show.) Also, since I know how to do EMS, come to me after the meeting if you want practice time.
Senior Hugs Officer: I think I hugged everybody in the room, but if I didn’t, please hug me . Also, over the break I discovered a major hug breakthrough.
Historian: Nothing to report. Jed’s gone, though.
Secretary: Come talk to me if you haven’t joined the mailing list or Jacketpages.
Advertising Officer: There’s a show on Saturday, and Caroline is passing out flyers for it.
Open Mic Officer: This week’s open mic theme is “Breaking Your New Year’s Resolutions”! As always signups run from 8-9 pm and the show goes from 8:30-11 pm.
Treasurer: I’m the person who takes your money! Dues are $10 per year, practice fees are $15, and lockers rentals are $5 per month (we have none available, though). Make sure you pay your practice fees before you sign up for practice time.
President: We’re having elections for the coming year on the 19th (MLK day meeting), and nominations will happen next week. New officers will take over on February 2nd. You’ll need to be here on the 19th if you want to run. Descriptions of the positions are on a sheet that’s going around [and also at the end of the minutes].

  • Preliminary nominations for people who won’t be here next meeting:
    • Equipment Manager: Chris Deese
    • Co-Senior A**hole officer: Greg

General Announcements
Chad: I play in two of the bands that are playing Saturday (we’re not sure which), so I’d really appreciate it if you came to see us play.
Sara: I’m taking over Lint & Loose Change (UtC’s fanzine for literature, art, music, photography, and much more!) for Ashley this semester. We’re going to start meeting again on Sundays at 11 pm, so come by if you want to help us organize and put together the upcoming issues! If you want to contribute by submitting a poem/essay/painting/etc., send your submission to llczine@gmail.com.
Nick Shooter: I want to force myself to learn guitar, so I’d like to start a band to play covers and other things with other people who want to learn new instruments. Talk to me if you’re interested!
Michael: I’m in a prog-metal band looking for a singer (and hopefully a screamer). My fried and I are recording an album soon, so talk to me if you’re interested.
Stephen: I’m a member of UNICEF, and we’re going to put on a benefit show in mid-February. We’re looking for people who want to help run it as well as bands to perform in it. If you’re interested in either of these things, email me at stspitz@gatech.edu.

(Also: Tanika got a new purple scarf! It’s really soft!)

Miscellaneous Links
Under the Couch Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/underthecouch/
Open Mic Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/
Wobsite: www.gtmn.org


Officer Position Descriptions


The President serves as the main instigator of club activities and acts as the main liaison between the Musician’s Network (MN) and other GT and non-GT organizations.  The President serves as the main contact for external organizations.

Vice President

The Vice President oversees the student run portion of Under the Couch (UtC) and organizes the student run maintenance of the space.  The VP also is in charge of running the regular Monday night meetings and booking member practice times after each meeting.

General Manager ($$$)

The General Manager is in charge of the daytime operation of UtC.  This includes hiring and managing the daytime staff, and conducting monthly staff meetings. The General Manager also must be able to work a daytime shift (meaning that this is a paid position).  The GM also serves as the main liaison between Under the Couch and the Student Center: meeting with the Student Center supervisor bi-weekly, maintaining the Student Center portions of the space, etc.


The Treasurer is responsible for the cash flow through UtC and the SGA funding of the MN.  This includes collecting dues and practice fees and locker fees, ensuring enough cash is on hand to run shows, working with SGA accountants to manage SGA funds, ordering equipment, processing band payment forms, etc.  The Treasurer is also responsible for submitting and defending the SGA budget (once per fiscal year).


The Secretary is primarily responsible for taking and sending out Meeting Minutes, as well as taking Officer Meeting Minutes.  The Secretary is also in charge of updating the MN roster on Jacketpages.

Equipment Manager

The Equipment Manager acts as the main liaison for booking equipment rentals and recording times.  The Equipment Manager is also responsible for maintaining all of UtC’s equipment and assist the Treasurer in ordering any replacement or new equipment.

Booking Officer

The Booking Officer acts as the main point of contact for booking shows and events at UtC.  This includes ensuring that show information is conveyed to all concerned parties, getting workers for shows and events, filling out the proper payment forms with the Treasurer, etc.  The Booking Officer may be appointed two booking assistants.

Minister of Propaganda

The Minister of Propaganda is in charge of advertising all official MN and UtC events.  This includes ensuring fliers are made for shows, distributing fliers, using other methods to advertise shows and events, etc.  The Minister of Propaganda is also responsible for initiating and carrying out membership drives (FASET, tabling, etc.).  The Minister of Propaganda also has two Advertising Underlings whose responsibility is to assist the Minister of Propaganda’s advertising efforts.

IT Officer

The IT Officer is responsible for ensuring the regular maintenance of the UtC website and social media.  This includes making sure the website is operational, making updates as requested by other officers, etc.  The IT Officer may appoint up to two others to help with the duties.

Open Mic Officer ($$$)

The Open Mic Officer is in charge of running Open Mic Night.  Any candidate must be able to work Open Mic Night every Thursday night between 8-11pm, not including setup and takedown time.  This is a paid position.


The duties of the Historian are to collect and maintain UtC and MN related documents, work with the IT Officer to ensure public documentation of photos, fliers, etc., and act as the main liaison to alumni members.

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