GT Organization

This option is for Georgia Tech organizations wishing to use our space. It is required
that at least one UTC operator or sound engineer be present for the entirety of your event. Other event details will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Events involving live music or technically elaborate setups require a Sound Engineer(s) instead of a Equipment Operator. Please make this preference clear in your request.

Cash is the preferred payment option for operators/sound engineers, but a check made out to them is also acceptable.

Payment must be made at the event.

  • Room booking rate – $10/hr
  • Equipment Operator rate – $10/hr
  • Sound Engineer Rate – $20/hr

For clarification, this means the minimum hourly cost is $20/hour – $10 for the room and $10 for one equipment operator.

Organizations should fill out the form below to book the venue. We are busy, but will usually get back to you in three days or less!
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*Organization Name

Contact Name

*Email Address

Contact Number

*Date Requested

*Start Time (including 30 min setup time)

*End Time (including 30 min tear down time)

*Description of Event

*Expected Number of Attendees

Additional Comments

USAGE AGREEMENT: What we expect from you:

  • You must clean up after event; this includes taking the trash out to
    the dumpster (do not put in Student Center trashcans)
  • Please respect our equipment; you will be responsible for any
    equipment that you damage
  • If you wish for music to be played over the speakers during your
    event, you must bring your own device
  • You are required to pay two Musician’s Network workers
    $10/hour to help out with your event

By hitting send below, you agree to the terms of the usage agreement above.


The above form is the standard for booking shows, but the booking agent may be emailed directly at with additional questions. Please include “[GT ORGANIZATION]” in the title of your email and as much of the above information as possible in the body. If you do not fill out the above form, please print and sign our usage agreement found here and bring it to the event.