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20 Feb

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 2/20/2017

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Open Mic is Thursday at 8:00, with signups at 7:30.

We’re having a Groovy Friday this Thursday at 11:00 on Skiles! 

Officer Announcements: 

Advertising: We have been asked to be house music for the Clough Art Crawl on Thursday. If you want to participate, email Ryan. We’re always looking for more people to make flyers and get involved in advertising, so if you’re interested, come talk to me, our other advertising officer, our Minister of Propaganda, or our Booking Officer. Also, check out lessons below.

Booking: If there’s a band you want to see or if you’re interested in joining the booking committee, come talk to me.  We have an upcoming charity show on the 18th. Please come by. Its for a local food drive. We are looking to expand the current band line up. If you could donate anything, it would be greatly appreciated.

Minister of Propaganda: The deadline to confirm participation in the New Artist Showcase is Friday, February 24th. I am in charge of all things advertising. Our advertising committee, the Ministry of Propaganda, is a great way to get involved with the club; we produce flyers, chalk out on Skiles walkway, and more. You don’t have to be an officer to join. Also if you want to put up flyers, please do that. We have a lot of them.

Secretary: I organize and send out meeting minutes. If you need to join Orgsync or get on the mailing list, come talk to me.

Open Mic: The theme for Open Mic this week is Money, Fame, and Power. Open Mic will be temporarily moving to Mondays soon. I will be posting a covers sign up form as well. I run Open Mic nights every Thursday from 8:00 to 11:00, with signups at 7:30. I’m also in charge of live sound, so if you’re interested in learning more about that, come talk to me. I teach live sound classes Sundays at noon. I also run the YouTube channel, so if there’s anything you want to see, or you want to get involved with filming or photography, come talk to me.

General Manager: I am working on updating all of the contact info around the space. Also, if anyone knows a good local piano tuner, come talk to me. From here on out, the General Manager position will be more of a liaison with other GT organizations. I am also in charge booking for all GT Orgs events at GT Orgs must pay for a sound engineer to work the space. Further details are on the website.

Equipment Manager: The drum situation is slowly being remedied. New cymbals are a top priority. I manage equipment, including rentals and lockers. I also run the studio, so if you need anything recorded, or have any questions about the space, come talk to me.  I have been working on organizing the lockers. We may have one locker open. By next meeting, I should have a complete list of lockers for use. I am planning on making moves in terms of improving the space soon. Major improvements include upgrading the cymbal kit for the drums.

Studio Manager: I run the studio. The studio is now open. It’s a resource for students to produce music in. The rates are up on the website. Studio sound class will be this Sunday; this weeks topic will be recording drums. Live sound class is from 12 – 1 on Sundays and Studio Sound is from 1 – 2

Advertising: We have free lessons! See below for more information. If there’s an instrument you want to learn, or if you’re interested in teaching, come talk to us.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 yearly, practice fees are $15. Pay dues before booking practice time. If you pay your dues, you’ll get a T-shirt.

Vice President: I am in charge of booking practice times, so after paying dues and practice fees, come talk to me. If you have any other questions, come talk to me. After practicing in the space, make sure you turn everything off, wrap up cables, and have the info desk lock up the space. Talk to a GSM at the desk or call the number if they’re not there.

President: We are planning on making egg shakers next meeting so please come! I have been working on figuring out the changing situation regarding our relationship with the Student Center.

General Announcements:

India Club is hosting a musical event and are reaching out to Under The Couch for people to participate and attend. Look it up on Facebook under “International Harmony”, and look out for flyers around campus. It is on March 3rd.

Ryan: The India Club event is a great time and I recommend you attend.

Thomas: I am interested in trading and sharing playlists with other people. Come talk to me!

Jack: I am looking for a washboard player in my new band. Hit me up!

Jed: I am one half of an acoustic duo named Junior Prom. We are playing Kappa Sig this weekend for their coffeehouse event. Come out and support at 10 AM on Saturday!

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12 Sep

Equipment Management Notice

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Drums at UTC by far take the most abuse of everything, especially with all the moving people do with them. In order to keep parts on the sets and to not lose them I’d ask that you try and keep the sets where they are (green in the practice room, blue on the stage) I don’t have a problem with swaps for your practice time if you want a different tom setup but when you are done please put them back as is. Again, from now on to maintain order (or some semblance of it) the blue set will be on the stage and the green set will be in the practice room. I’ll be reheading the toms every semester or so unless something drastic happens. Please let me know if a piece goes missing or a part breaks asap. Feel free to message or email me about it, I’ll usually reply immediately. Cymbals… This is where I personally tend to get peeved the most, mainly because cymbals I buy tend to get destroyed fairly quickly. If you have your own cymbals, please use those :). Remember that all this stuff is for everyone to use, so please treat it better than you would treat your own stuff. You get annoyed when you walk into the practice room and the drums are scattered everywhere from the previous person, so please dont do it yourself. I typically replace cymbals every year, I will be doing this year’s soon. We don’t have the money at our disposal to buy cymbals 2/3x a year. ・。゚[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]。゚.* Also please dont remove wingnuts and felts from the set and then not put them back later. Otherwise I’ll be upset: (ノ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ︵┻┻ . Sticks are in the space for your using, but honestly if you have your own use them. I’ll check every night I’m in the space for if there are sticks out and replace them if not.

String Instruments:

If you break some strings on something, let me know and I’ll restring it that night if I’m going to be in the space (75% chance, im there a lot more than you realize). Both basses are typically in the practice room during the day, and I’d prefer it to stay that way. So if you use the bass (either one) please put it back in the practice room when done. Same with the guitars, try and put them in the practice room after you are done.


If you really wanna learn the studio, talk to me and I’ll prolly let you tag along to recordings. Also just come to sound class. Also I get a lot more emails than you think about the studio, so I’ll get back to you ASAP when I get something.


Please turn stuff off.

That’s all I got, thanks guys.

PS: Take care of stuff or RIOT ╰〳 ಠ 益 ಠೃ 〵╯

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02 Feb

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 2/2/2015

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Officer Announcements:
Equipment Manager (Chris Deese): It’s been a pleasure to manage all of your equipment, even those of you
Anyone who has a locker needs to pay for it. If you don’t pay soon, your stuff may or may not be sold on eBay.

GM (Tanika): I have also been manage, just in a much more general manner. If you have any suggestions for music or anything that you’d like to see happen, come talk to me.

Secretary (Nick): I have nothing to report, but if you need to join JacketPages or get on the mailing list, come talk to me.

LLC (Sara): I’m in charge of Lint and Loose Change. Our new issue is coming out this month. As always we meet at 11 on Sundays outside UTC.

Treasurer (Meredith): If you haven’t paid dues ($10) or practice fees ($15 per semester) come talk to me.

IT Officer (Chad): Boy is my information technically in office. I’ve been working on the new website and it’ll be up soon. Also I haven’t paid for anything.

Booking Officer (Jack): If you want to book a show or see somebody here, talk to me.

VP (Caroline): I’m in charge of booking practice times, so come see me after the meeting for practice times but pay Meredith first.

Historian (Claire): I have nothing to report, but if you want to fight me personally, see me after the meeting.

Advertising Officer (Sid): There are no shows this week, so I’m sad and you should give me a hug. Follow our Instagram at underthecouch.

Minister of Propaganda (Krish): I have calendars, I’m passing them out now. We have no shows this week. If you want to get involved in propaganda, please talk to me. I also sent out an interest form for lessons, so if you’re interested in receiving or teaching lessons please fill out the form. Thanks.

Open Mic Officer (Austin): We have open mic starting at 8:30 (signups start at 8:00). This week’s theme is Karaoke, so bring in a backing track or write down the song on the signup sheet. Also it’s the president’s birthday on Thursday, so if you want to bring birthday supplies, do that. Also I run the YouTube page, UnderTheCouchMN, and I just uploaded the most recent shows.

President (Alex): There’s a show next Saturday (Valentine’s day), so if you’re out of date ideas or you’re sad and alone, or even if you have date ideas, come for that anyway.

General Announcements:
Krish: A guy asked me to make this announcement for him. His name is Michael Khan, and he’s looking for a progressive metal vocalist. There’s a poster on the bulletin board in UTC.

Mike Leon: Is anyone here spring break and is looking to make money, come talk to me. Congratulations to Caroline for being a fantastic tenant.

Greta: SCPC is doing this thing where you can sign up and go to the aquarium, it’s $9 or $11 depending on when you sign up.

Tanika: If anyone will be at open mic night this week and would like to pitch in to get a cake for Alex in the shape of his face, come talk to me.

Jack: February 21st, I’m organizing a classical Indian music festival that includes Hindustani and Carnactic music.

Fielding: I’m a member of the College Democrats of GATech, we meet 6-7 in the Piedmont room in the student center and next week we’re talking about feminism.

Taylor: I’m getting people together to see Silverstein on February 15th, and we can get Claire afterward.

Nick H: If anyone wants to sit outside UTC and practice guitar nonintrusively, or do the thing Archie used to do and sit on the lawn and play music, you should do these things.

Taylor: I’m looking for a place to get guitar strings that isn’t Guitar Center.

Tanika: If any of you are interested in getting pierced, or if you hate your parents, go to Kolo in Little Five Points.

Sara: Please give me your printing money.

Link to the Facebook page:

Link to YouTube page:

Link to Instagram:

Also this.

13 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/13/2014

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Nomination for Officers (2014-2015)

President: Spencer, Chad

Vice President: Mike, Spencer

Secretary: Alexander

Treasurer: kishore

Equipment Manager: Garret

Open Mic Officer: Caroline

Advertising Officer: Caity, Christian, Jared, chad

Advertising Assistant: Caity, Christian, Leland, James, Jason, Krich

General Manager: Caity, Leland

Booking Officer: Randy, Jared

IT Officer: Lisa

Name game: What UTC officer you want to be?

Winner: Jason, Air quality officer, make sure no one fart in the room


We are nominating people for the officer tonight for year 2014-2015

Vice president:

Talk to VP if you want to book rooms after the meeting, NO EMAILS.

General Manger:

New schedule for daily GM, come and have fun in UTC during the day

Open Mic Mike:

This week 8 pm is the Open Mic Mike, No theme for the beginning of the semester


3 shows are up coming for the coming month, we have 2 shows affiliated with the advertising, if you want to help,talk to our advertising officer.


Nothing much to report, we will pay mike for open mic

Equip Manager:

We bought a new PA and had a great advantage on stage. Recording studio is operating.

IT officer:

website is running, check out booking time and meeting minute there.

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