Teacher Info

Sign up for free music lessons at Under the Couch, offered by Musician’s Network members!

Group Lessons (no signup needed, just show up):

  • Live sound with Austin Cheshire // Sunday 12pm – 1pm
  • Studio sound with Merritt Treaster // Sunday 1pm – 2pm
  • Voice with Ryan Konopka // E-mail rkonopka3@gatech.edu (usually Sunday 5pm – 6pm in Student Center Spring Room)
  • Lyric writing with Merritt Treaster // Wednesday 7pm-9pm // E-mail merritttreaster@gmail.com with questions, join https://www.facebook.com/groups/1807788719492904/

Note: Lesson times subject to change or cancellation. Check the meeting minutes to be sure!

One-On-One Lessons (signups required):

  • Drums with Mitchell Mazzoni // Monday 5pm – 6pm // Email mmazzoni6@gatech.edu
  • Ukulele with Jed Paz // Express interest here
  • Guitar with Chris Mickas // E-mail cmickas3@gatech.edu
  • Keyboard with Justin Thornburgh // E-mail jmtburgh@aol.com
  • Music theory and music reading with Sam Stevenson // E-mail sstevenson7@gatech.edu

NOTE: Filling out a form or sending an e-mail does not sign you up! Your teacher will e-mail you with the times they are available to confirm with you.