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11 Nov

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 11/11/13

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Name game: What is the first thing you searched this morning?

Winner: Spencer, I googled “Celsius” to check how to spell it


If you worked in Drathon and did not get payed, talk to Greg.

Vice president:

Talk to Spencer to book practice time. We have three more meetings this semester, and we are planning to get more people to help out the officers. Think about something we want to do. We will have wish list next week to let every one write down anything they want to add or change next year in UTC.

General Manger:

Wall paint is messed up, but we will try to fix it. If you have a mass of trash after show, please call the student center front desk to pick up.

Booking officer:

Need one worker for International karaoke on Wednesday. Need workers for Tech styles Urban art show on Friday, 6-12 pm. Need one worker for the wings on Saturday from 5-7 pm,

Open Mic Mike:

This week theme: war/fighting, 8:30 on Thursday. The Friday after this week, bands from UTC are playing on Tech Green.


We made a few flyers for the show on 11/23, take some flyers with you.


Budgets has been sent out. 10 dollars year fee for new members with 5 dollars practice fee per semester. We  have no lockers available. 20 dollars per semester

Equip Manager:

We got new white cords. Everyone after practice or shows please make sure that the front doors are closed.

IT officer:

website is still running!

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