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18 Nov

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 11/18/13

Name game: look at the person on your right, and say what kind of music would he/she make?

Winner: Every one did a good job, so every one wins the game! (except Alexander because he forgot what the name game is )


Georgia Tech rock band is playing on stage tonight. This Friday on Tech green, Greg, Archie and Jason are playing with their bands in RHA. Go and support the bands (almost all the bands have at least one UTC member playing)

Vice president:

Talk to Archie to book practice time.

General Manger:

Support Jason’s band on Friday’s show. Jason will start teaching synthesizers next year.

Booking officer:

A show on this Saturday

Tuesday 6-8 pm, need  some one to do sound check.   (Jason, Ashley)

Wednesday (Keshawl)

Friday, 6-9:30 pm, infinite harmony  (Micheal)

Micheal will create a google doc to schedule workers.

Open Mic Mike:

This week theme: Sleeping/dreaming, wear pajamas, bring night caps.  8:30 on Thursday.


Email Leland if want to chalk with him for the show on this weekend.


Budgets has been sent out. 10 dollars year fee for new members with 15 dollars practice fee per semester (now with discount). We  have no lockers available. 20 dollars per semester

Equip Manager:

Found one of the skew drivers that were missing. Come talk to Archie to book practice time and recording studio.

IT officer:

website is still running!

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