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27 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/27/2014

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Spencer: Moving to a system of committees next week – getting members more involved!


Jared (new advertising officer aka Minister of Propoganda). The ministry met Friday and we have cool ideas! We’ll need help.

We’re stepping up our advertising game. (Putting banners up, gt weekly digest, open houses (1 per month?), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr), Creative Loafing, YouTube videos.) If you’re interested, we’d love the help.

In and around the space: GT battle of the bands (3-4 week band-forming process), student-led workshops (people teaching what they’re passionate about, from sound recording to guitar 101), karaoke nights, mid-day trivia. If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them

Big ideas: Start a fanzine (monthly issued magazine with show reviews, album reviews of local bands and, recipes… Anything that makes you passionate about life!), potentially distributed through the Technique | Compilation of UTC bands (~15+ bands), have it so people can have a glimpse of what goes on here | “Techstock” – having a big music/arts festival on Tech Green (potentially April 20) before finals.

Randy (Booking!): Anyone that’s interested (especially if you’re in a band) can help out. If there are shows you want to book, take initiative and ask me if it’s okay. Will give you help and advice on how to book shows, openers, etc. Help me with booking, bringing more musical diversity to the shows

Garrett (Equipment/Recording/Sound): New equipment manager. People who want to learn to record and run shows, assisting on projects, starting a general sound class soon (including 1 on 1 sessions about recording)

Officer reports:

Mike (VP): Helps with after-hours things, like clean up days. There’ll be one on Feb 15! They’re fun, and there’ll be free pizza. It’s more project-based than it is cleaning. Help coordinate this new system we’re trying out, and helping create as many new bands as possible this year! And if you want to book practice time, talk to me if you’ve paid dues and practice time during the meetings only

Caroline (Open Mic): 8 pm every Thursday, signups are 8-9. Shows start at 8:30.

Leland Bond (GM): He manages generally and is in charge of running UTC daytime activities. If you have any ideas about what to do with the space, talk to him! And feel free to ask the daytime staff questions.

Chad Miller (Advertising underling): handling photo/video of advertising, I can help you & your band advertise

Jared (Propoganda): In charge of advertising.

Ashley (Advertising underling): Helps with making flyers (She made one for the Valentine’s day show!)

Lisa (IT wizard): in charge of keeping website running. If you want to help redesgin the website just let her know!

Garrett (Equipment manager): Make sure the space says up and running. If you want to record or learn to record, see improvements or things going wrong, talk to him. Sound classes start next week! The’ll alternate b/w live sound and recording

Kishore (Treasurer): Dues are 10 per calendar year, practice 15 per semester, lockers are 20 per semester (there’s a waiting list).

Randy (Booking): Booking’s looking for shows that’ll bring a lot of people. If there’s anything you’d like to see, talk to him (or send him an email at utcbooking(at)gmail.com. Upcoming show: Austin Miller || Matthew Thomas || Timmi Sterritt || The Drop Out Crisis on Jan 31st.  Also need someone to work an Electronic Music club hangout ($10 per hour) on Feb 5th. (If you run unpaid shows, you’ll probably get priority from Randy on paid shows.)

General Announcements:

Mike: The hot chocolate is lukewarm. Sorry!

Chris and Alex, Derek, are looking for a singer. They’ll take you if you’re good!

Mike Stearns: Starting a polka funk band, (Polka Cola). Stearns is excited. We’ll take anyone who wants to play or sing!

Chad & Leland are starting a band: looking for new members

Brian from Jebediah Springfield is looking for a singer who can play some form of guitar, they’ll figure out live arrangements after recording. Genre: Kinda emo.

Jason: Wants help building synthesizers, effects pedals and other cool stuff

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