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28 Nov

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 11/28/2016

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The last show of the semester will be this Friday, December 2nd with The Merry Go Rounds, The Future Babes, James Hunter USA, and Priam! It’ll be The Merry Go Rounds’ last show ever as well as Priam’s first show.

No open mic this week!

Last Groovy Friday of 2016 this Thursday at 11!

We offer free lessons! See the bottom of this email for details.

We’re having a Christmas Party December 4th! Invite your friends! Suggest Foamies and bring a gift for the white elephant gift exchange! Please RSVP to the event if you’re planning on coming.

There will be a strike system for practicing after hours. Please clean up after yourself in the practice room, and please have the GSMs lock up the space when you’re finished. Wrap your cables, put away microphones, etc. 

The 2nd meeting of next semester, January 16th, we’ll be holding officer elections.

Officer Announcements:

Booking: The last show of the semester is December 2nd! If there’s a band you wanna see or if you’re interested in joining the booking committee, come talk to me.

Secretary: I organize and send out meeting minutes. If you need to join Orgsync or get on the mailing list, come talk to me or email me at secretary@gtmn.org.

Minister of Propaganda: This show is gonna be incredible. I am in charge of all things advertising. Our advertising committee, the Ministry of Propaganda, is a great way to get involved with the club; we produce flyers, chalk out on Skiles walkway, and more. You don’t have to be an officer to join. Also if you want to put up flyers, please do that. We have a lot of them.

Open Mic:  No open mic this week, but there will be a GT Jazz Combo concert here starting at 7 p.m. I’m also in charge of live sound, so if you’re interested in learning more about that, come talk to me. I teach live sound classes Sundays at noon. I also run the YouTube channel, so if there’s anything you want to see, or you want to get involved with filming or photography, come talk to me.

Social Chair: We’re having a Christmas party this Sunday, December 4th! Invite your friends! There’s Foamies and a white elephant exchange! RSVP here! Thanks to everyone who came out to the tie-dye event! If you paid dues, come see me to get a shirt.

Advertising: We’re always looking for more people to make flyers and get involved in advertising, so if you’re interested, come talk to me, our other advertising officer, our Minister of Propaganda, or our Booking Officer.

General Manager: Our hours will be 9-5 Wednesday of reading week to Wednesday of finals week; we’ll be closed Friday of that week. We’ll have extra lamps and tables out for maximum study space. I am also in charge booking for all GT Orgs events at utcorgbooking@gmail.com. GT Orgs must pay for a sound engineer to work the space. Further details are on the website.

Equipment Manager: Since we’re having our Christmas party Sunday, I won’t be holding sound class. I manage equipment. I also run the studio, so if you need anything recorded, or have any questions about the space, come talk to me.

IT: I run the website at gtmn.org, where you can find pretty much anything about Musician’s Network. If you see anything you think should go on the website, don’t hesitate to let me know. There’s now a 3D tour of the space on the website!

Advertising: We have free lessons! See below for more information. If there’s an instrument you want to learn, or if you’re interested in teaching, come talk to us.

Treasurer: Dues are $10 yearly, practice fees are $5 since we’re at the end of the semester. Pay dues before booking practice time. If you pay your dues, you’ll get a T-shirt.

Vice President: I am in charge of booking practice times, so after paying dues and practice fees, come talk to me. If you have any other questions, come talk to me. After practicing in the space, make sure you turn everything off, wrap up cables, and have the info desk lock up the space. Talk to a GSM at the desk or call the number if they’re not there.

President: This Sunday, December 4th, we’ll be having our GTMN Christmas party! We’ll be doing a white elephant gift exchange and handing out Foamies, which are sorta like superlatives. Also come to the show this Friday!

General Announcements:

Ryan: Next Tuesday at 7:30 in the Couch Building will be Kappa Kappa Psi’s Night of Musicianship! It’ll be a lot of short sets organized by people in the instrumental music program. I will make an appearance.

Jack: I run a radio show called Live at WREK, where you can tune in tomorrow to 91.1 for a variety show for modular synth, solo saxophone, and dumb bass stuff. It’s a good time.

Krish: Next Tuesday at 5 p.m. at McCamish Pavillion will be the Capstone Expo! You should go since it’s free and there’s some really cool stuff and I’ll be there.

Chris: I haven’t bought a ticket yet, but I wanna go to the Animals as Leaders concert at Terminal West next Wednesday the 7th. I can drive you if you’re interested.

Sam: I’m looking for a new practice amp, so let me know if you’re selling one or if you have any recommendations.

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