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13 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/13/2014

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Nomination for Officers (2014-2015)

President: Spencer, Chad

Vice President: Mike, Spencer

Secretary: Alexander

Treasurer: kishore

Equipment Manager: Garret

Open Mic Officer: Caroline

Advertising Officer: Caity, Christian, Jared, chad

Advertising Assistant: Caity, Christian, Leland, James, Jason, Krich

General Manager: Caity, Leland

Booking Officer: Randy, Jared

IT Officer: Lisa

Name game: What UTC officer you want to be?

Winner: Jason, Air quality officer, make sure no one fart in the room


We are nominating people for the officer tonight for year 2014-2015

Vice president:

Talk to VP if you want to book rooms after the meeting, NO EMAILS.

General Manger:

New schedule for daily GM, come and have fun in UTC during the day

Open Mic Mike:

This week 8 pm is the Open Mic Mike, No theme for the beginning of the semester


3 shows are up coming for the coming month, we have 2 shows affiliated with the advertising, if you want to help,talk to our advertising officer.


Nothing much to report, we will pay mike for open mic

Equip Manager:

We bought a new PA and had a great advantage on stage. Recording studio is operating.

IT officer:

website is running, check out booking time and meeting minute there.

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