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26 Jan

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 1/26/2015

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Officer Announcements:

Vice President (Caroline): I am your new VP and I will be running the meeting.
I am in charge of booking practice time, so come to me after the meeting.

Secretary (Nick): I’m the new secretary.
I have nothing to report, but if you need to do jacketpages things, come talk to me, and if you want to be added to the mailing list come talk to me too.

Treasurer (Meredith): I am your new treasurer. Dues are $10, practice fees are $15 per semester
Lint and Loose Change submissions are due the 30th; submit things to llczine@gmail.com.

IT Officer (Chad): I’m the IT officer
I have a pet rabbit. I thought she was dying but it turns out she’s always in heat, so now I have to get her spayed.
The Google calendar will soon be synced to the new website, but it’s not up yet but it will be soon.

Historian (Claire): I’m the historian.
I have nothing to report, except that we are certainly making history.

Booking Officer (Jack): I’m the booking officer.
There’s a show Thursday, you should see it. If you’re interested in seeing any bands play at UTC or booking shows here, come to me.

Equipment Manager (Chris): I’m the equipment manager.
I have nothing to report, except please don’t unplug stuff from the computer; use the port next to the wireless thing on the bottom for external hard drives.

Advertising Officer (Sid): I’m an advertising officer.
Instagram page is underthecouch, we already have 35 followers.

Minister of Propaganda (Krish): I’m the minister of propaganda.
Billy Mack Collector is playing on Thursday, along with The Quarks, James Hunter, and the Sexy Sax Trio. As always it’s free for students, $5 otherwise.
Propaganda meetings are starting soon; we’ll talk about Couchella, etc. We’re working out a schedule now.

President (Alex): I’m the new president.
Thanks for coming to the meeting.
Blanket statement–please don’t have alcohol, drugs, or anything like that in UTC–it’s against student center policy.
Thanks to the new officers for being here.
If you took a physics test, I’m sorry.

General Announcements:

Mike Leon: If you or anybody you know is selling a Future Islands ticket, I want one.

Krish: I’m looking to do a music thing with Jain, who is a 1st semester music tech student and keyboardist.

Steven: I play piano, guitar, and bass, and I looking for jam buddies–I play anything besides classical.

Tyler: I play guitar, and I want to learn drums.

Krish: We will have guitar lessons, probably drum lessons, maybe music theory lessons–more info next week.

Kwaku: Mid-April, having a mini-Kanye-type concert with some medium-sized names in Atlanta–if you want to help organize this, come talk to me or email me.

Chad: Looking for a fourth drummer to finish violent emo metal drum quartet.

Jack: I’m helping organize a classical Indian music festival on Feb 21– it’s called Khayaal, if you’re interested come talk to me.

Tom: UTC-wide campout–passing around name/email list.

Brandon: I play bass, I’m looking for people to jam with–I play mathy stuff.

Sid: I kind of look like Mike Leon today.

Alex: Austin (our open mic officer) is taking a physics test. The YouTube channel is UnderTheCouchMN, you should subscribe.

Roshni: Semi-Average Joe invited me to sing with him at JavaMonkey in Decatur on Saturday.

Link to the Facebook page:

Link to YouTube page:

Link to Instagram:

Events coming up:
Billy Mack Collector // The Quarks // A Very Saxy Threesome // James Hunter on Thursday:

Summit will be here Friday:

Also this.

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