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12 Feb

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 2/12/2018

Open Mic is Thursday! Signups at 7:30, show at 8:00. The theme this week is Valentine’s Day!

If you’d like to design a laptop sticker for UTC, email Jed at jedpaz@gatech.edu.


If you’re interested in participating in solo-artist showcase this semester, fill out the following survey:



Officer Announcements:

Booking: If there’s a band you want to see or if you’re interested in joining the booking committee, come talk to me. Couchella will be March 31st on Peters Parking Deck. The show will be starting at 4pm and the line up will be posted soon. We’ll have an event page up soon for this, so look out for that. Come talk to me if you want to help out with booking. There will be a show March 10th here in the space. Doors open at 7 and the show starts at 8.

Open Mic: Open mic will be on Thursday, sign up’s at 7:30, show starts at 8:00. This week’s theme is Valentine’s Day.

Treasurer: If you want to pay your dues come talk to me after the meeting. Dues are $10 for membership and $15 for practice fees. Membership lasts for a year and practice fees last for a semester. (Fees have to be paid in cash)

Secretary: If you’d like to be added to the mailing list come talk to me.

Equipment Manager: Every Sunday 12-2 Mason, Merritt, and Austin do sound lessons. This week we’ll be teaching live sound equipment. I’m also working on organizing the practice space so let me know if you have any suggestions. Our practice room light is out, so keep using the lamp. We’ll be throwing out some old cables, so if you’re interested in having some of those talk to Mason. We’ll be buying some auxiliary percussion instruments, if you have any recommendations for this let Mason know.

Studio Manager: Talk to me if you’re interested in recording music. In the studio sound class we test out new recording techniques, so come if you’re interested in that.

Minister of Propaganda: If you have any poster ideas for upcoming shows let me know. Our first groovy Friday will probably be Wednesday, Feb 14th (12 – 1pm) for Valentine’s day, if this doesn’t work out it’ll be on Thursday instead.

Advertising: We’re starting Meme Mondays, follow us to see memes. Also let us know if you’d like to help with advertising.

Vice President: Come talk to me after the meeting if you’d like to book practice fees. You can also email me, but please try to send booking emails during business hours (Mon-Fri). We are also implementing a penalty for leaving equipment out after practice times. Email vp@gtmn.org to book practice times.

President: If you have any general questions you can email me at HMurphy32@gatech.edu. I also work with Elliot on booking, so you can email me about that too. We have a full line up for Couchella this Spring and the event will be March 31st. You should also sign up on the musician’s network orgsync. We’ll be offering some workshops with Tech-Arts as well as general lessons this semester.

General Announcements:

Taylor: I’m in a band called Priam and we’re playing in a show February 24th at Centerstage. You can buy tickets from Taylor or Jed for $10, or buy them for $15 on the door. I’m also going to a concert this weekend.

Elliot: Going to see Quiet Hollers this weekend, let me know if you’re interested in going.

Varun: I’m a part of the GT Film Club and we’re looking for people to write scores this semester. Let me know if you’re interested. There are about 6 groups working on 6 different short films this semester so there’s an avenue for everybody. I’m also working on a personal project, a feature that I intend to shoot on campus in the fall. For this project, particularly, I am looking for people who can play classical music (on piano) and also people who are interested in creating unique EDM music for the film’s score. If you’re interested in scoring short films for the club, email (gtfilmclub@gmail.com). If you’re interested in scoring my feature, email vgiridhar1997@gmail.com.

Thomas: Going to see the Higher Brothers this Saturday. I’ll be having a pregame party so let me know if you’d like to join (thomas.spader@gatech.edu).

Jed: If you have some drums you’d be willing to let me rent for my band Priam’s show on the 24th, let me know.

Heath: I’m still selling a keytar. I’m also going to a show in Athens on April 4th, you should go too.

Mitchell: We’re starting group drum lessons Wednesday’s at 7pm.

Mason: A friend of mine is trying to buy a cheap electric guitar.


Stuff to Listen To:

Mitchell’s Podcast: BassicQuestions.bandcamp.com

Eaman’s SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/amoncoy



Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/underthecouch

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/underthecouch/

Open Mic Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/695540757126237/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gtmn_

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gtmusiciansnetwork/

Tumblr: http://underthecouch-atl.tumblr.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/underthecouchMN

Lessons: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Dfl7ekyEaCUNyHtAdghKdtT_H4AVO4UqH87fBLaJ2_g/viewform?c=0&w=1


Synth – Wednesday 12:30 (Heath Murphy, hmurphy32@gatech.edu email if you plan on going)

Intro Drums – Wednesday 7:00 (Mitchell Mazzoni)

Bass – By Appointment (Merrit Treaster, merrittreaster@gmail.com)

Sound – Sunday 12:00 – 2:00

Vocals – By Appointment (lmayberry3@gatech.edu)

Talk to Jed if you’re interested in taking or teaching lessons!

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