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02 Feb

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 2/2/2015

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Officer Announcements:
Equipment Manager (Chris Deese): It’s been a pleasure to manage all of your equipment, even those of you
Anyone who has a locker needs to pay for it. If you don’t pay soon, your stuff may or may not be sold on eBay.

GM (Tanika): I have also been manage, just in a much more general manner. If you have any suggestions for music or anything that you’d like to see happen, come talk to me.

Secretary (Nick): I have nothing to report, but if you need to join JacketPages or get on the mailing list, come talk to me.

LLC (Sara): I’m in charge of Lint and Loose Change. Our new issue is coming out this month. As always we meet at 11 on Sundays outside UTC.

Treasurer (Meredith): If you haven’t paid dues ($10) or practice fees ($15 per semester) come talk to me.

IT Officer (Chad): Boy is my information technically in office. I’ve been working on the new website and it’ll be up soon. Also I haven’t paid for anything.

Booking Officer (Jack): If you want to book a show or see somebody here, talk to me.

VP (Caroline): I’m in charge of booking practice times, so come see me after the meeting for practice times but pay Meredith first.

Historian (Claire): I have nothing to report, but if you want to fight me personally, see me after the meeting.

Advertising Officer (Sid): There are no shows this week, so I’m sad and you should give me a hug. Follow our Instagram at underthecouch.

Minister of Propaganda (Krish): I have calendars, I’m passing them out now. We have no shows this week. If you want to get involved in propaganda, please talk to me. I also sent out an interest form for lessons, so if you’re interested in receiving or teaching lessons please fill out the form. Thanks.

Open Mic Officer (Austin): We have open mic starting at 8:30 (signups start at 8:00). This week’s theme is Karaoke, so bring in a backing track or write down the song on the signup sheet. Also it’s the president’s birthday on Thursday, so if you want to bring birthday supplies, do that. Also I run the YouTube page, UnderTheCouchMN, and I just uploaded the most recent shows.

President (Alex): There’s a show next Saturday (Valentine’s day), so if you’re out of date ideas or you’re sad and alone, or even if you have date ideas, come for that anyway.

General Announcements:
Krish: A guy asked me to make this announcement for him. His name is Michael Khan, and he’s looking for a progressive metal vocalist. There’s a poster on the bulletin board in UTC.

Mike Leon: Is anyone here spring break and is looking to make money, come talk to me. Congratulations to Caroline for being a fantastic tenant.

Greta: SCPC is doing this thing where you can sign up and go to the aquarium, it’s $9 or $11 depending on when you sign up.

Tanika: If anyone will be at open mic night this week and would like to pitch in to get a cake for Alex in the shape of his face, come talk to me.

Jack: February 21st, I’m organizing a classical Indian music festival that includes Hindustani and Carnactic music.

Fielding: I’m a member of the College Democrats of GATech, we meet 6-7 in the Piedmont room in the student center and next week we’re talking about feminism.

Taylor: I’m getting people together to see Silverstein on February 15th, and we can get Claire afterward.

Nick H: If anyone wants to sit outside UTC and practice guitar nonintrusively, or do the thing Archie used to do and sit on the lawn and play music, you should do these things.

Taylor: I’m looking for a place to get guitar strings that isn’t Guitar Center.

Tanika: If any of you are interested in getting pierced, or if you hate your parents, go to Kolo in Little Five Points.

Sara: Please give me your printing money.

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