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09 Feb

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 2/9/2015

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Officer Announcements:
Secretary: I have nothing to report, but if you need to join Jacketpages or get on the mailing list, come talk to me.

Treasurer: If you haven’t paid dues, they’re $10 per year, and practice fees are $15 per semester.

Lint and Loose Change, our literary magazine, is accepting submissions for our March issue until February 27th. Submit to llczine@gmail.com. We’re also taking musical submissions to be linked through a QR code in the next issue, but we only accept original music submissions.

Minister of Propaganda: Music classes are starting soon–drums (Chris Deese/Taylor), music theory (Mitcham/Jason), sax (Mitcham), vocals, intermediate/advanced guitar (Jason), and stand-up bass; to sign up you must be a dues-paying member, and come talk to me (Krish) and those people if you’re interested. Propaganda meetings will start next week.

Open Mic Officer: Theme this week is Valentines and Poetry; Erato is our special guest with poetry, but we still have an open sign-up sheet; everything will be filmed, subscribe to our YouTube page to see it weekly.

Equipment Manager: I literally just got done managing my own equipment. Also thanks to Alex for helping manage my equipment, because I couldn’t do it alone. We do sound classes starting next week with recording; they happen biweekly, alternating between studio (using Reaper) and live sounds.

Advertising Officer: There’s a show this Saturday, and I’m passing out fliers.

General Manager: I’m in charge of the space during the daytime. In protest of Beyoncé not winning Album of the Year, I’ll be playing “7/11” on repeat until I’m fired.

Historian: I am #1 UTC Friendship Meme Curator. If you hear everybody laugh at something during a meeting and you don’t know why, come talk to me.

Vice President: I am in charge of booking practice time after the meeting, so come talk to me about that after paying practice fees with Meredith.

Advertising Officer: We’re thinking of reinstating jam sessions after meetings, so next week bring your instruments.

Booking Officer: If you want to book a show or see someone here, just let me know.

IT Officer: I’ve finally paid dues for the first time in two years.

President: Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Next week’s meeting, we’ll have a sound class and a jam session afterward. Also, if you want to work an upcoming event, talk to Jack.

General Announcements:
Krish: Hey, Alex. I like your scarf, where can I get it?

Alex: Caroline is perpetually knitting during every part of her life, you should talk her and get a knit thing.

Jack: We need one worker for a show on Thursday 6-8.


Taylor: I still have a group together to see Silverstein this weekend, so talk to me about that if you’re interested.

Tanika: Safe-space is GT’s LGBT ally group, and I’m looking for a group at UTC to get certified. It’s a 2 hour training session.

Claire: Tanika and I are going to see a band called the Dodos, playing on the 22nd at the Vinyl, they’re indie folk, psyche folk, baroque pop. Come talk to me or Tanika if you’re interested.

Steven: I’m in the swing dance club. We do lessons every Sunday, come talk to me if you’re interested.

Krish: Is anyone interested in going to do Willie Nelson. If I get contact high, they can’t blame me if it shows up on a drug test, right? Also there’s Billy Joel. He wrote “Uptown Girl,” I was listening to it today and it’s a pretty good song.

Alex: If for some reason you don’t want to go to open mic this Thursday, my band Organ Machines and Greg “The Hendler” Hendler’s band exStellarator are playing at Union EAV Thursday 9 pm, you should come see us play. It’s 21+.

Krish: You should come to open mic, because I have poetry and I might have a story.

Fielding: I mentioned this last weekend, but I’m a member of the College Democrats of GATech, we meet Mondays 6-7 in the Piedmont room in the student center. We’re having a guest speaker from Georgia Equality this weekend. Also if you want to play smash with me come talk to me.

Jason: If you play foosball, come talk to me.

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