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22 Apr

Musician’s Network Meeting Minutes 4/21/2014

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Tonight: Last meeting of the semester AND the 1st Annual Foamy Awards!

Senior Hugs Officer: I have hugged everybody in this room. (*applause*)

Equipment Minotaur: There will be sound class after the meeting. Also, we got a bunch of new cables for the studio! Don’t take them out of the studio please.

Secretary: If you want to join the club, go give Kishore your money and then come talk to me!

General Manager: I manage generally. General announcement: the SCPC homecoming concert poll is up. Write in a vote  for Sleigh Bells ’cause they’d be perfect for it!

Treasurer: Dues are $10 a year, practice fees are $15 a semester, and lockers are $5 a month. Remember, membership dues last for a calendar year.

We’ll have some lockers available really soon! They’re huge. You could fit several things in there. Anyways, let me know if you want to rent one.

Vice President: We have a lot of exciting things today. We have pizza! If you want Dead Week/weekend practice time, come talk to me.

Open Mic Officer: No more open mics this semester… But they’ll be back during the summer semester. Keep up with us on our Facebook group (Open Mic Night at Under the Couch!).

Advertising Underling (Chad): There’s nothing new going on to advertise, so I’ll advertise Mike Stearns’ fabulous Snapchats.

Minister of Propaganda: We have a meeting (along with some SCPC representatives) this Thursday night at 6 in UTC to discuss and plan Couchella! If you’re interested in helping out or just want to know what’s going on, feel free to join us.

Advertising Underling (Ashley): There’s pizza and awards today!

IT Wizard: I’ll be putting changes to the website up next week! I’m adding a bands page to the site, so send me your band name, a short bio, and links to any music pages you have. (Send to lrossi@gatech.edu)

If you don’t, Archie will write a joke bio for your band (but really, he will).

General Announcements:

Archie: I’m joining forces with a new organization called Acts of Kindess to do my Groovy Friday thing  from noon to 1 on Tuesday in the Student Center. I just realized that I can’t make it until noon-fifteen, so if you wanna play the beginning of it just let me know.

Also, Chicken Dinner Faceplant released a new EP yesterday named “Universal Butt”. Check it out!

Stearns: My two bands (We Few and The Merry Go Rounds) are performing at Wonderroot on Wednesday night!

Leland: Dan Deacon is performing tomorrow. It’ll be a life changing experience.

James: As part of the “500 songs for Kids” event, I will be playing David Bowie’s “Changes” at The Loft on Saturday.


The Foamies: Winners

Powerpoint Picasso: Jason

Best Laugh: Leland & Chris Deese

Biggest 80’s Metal Fan: Thomas

Beyonce Award: Caroline

Best Harmonica Gunslinger Thingamajig: Rob

Most Likely To Finish His Sentences: Kishore

Best Disc Thrower: Colin

Nacho Hair: Chad

Most Likely To Create World Peace With His Hair: Garrett

Best Smile: Chris Deese

Man of Many Names: Mike Stearns

Most Gutter: Spencer

Best Flyers: Catie

Chillest: Alex McIntyre

Best Actor: Jed

BAMF Award: Kwaku

UTC’s Little Helper: James

Best Time To Show Up For A Meeting: Andriy and Paul

Best Beard: Randy

Best 80’s-Band-Name-That’s-Also-Your-Last-Name: Christian Toto

Flava Flav Award: Leland

The “Ooh-weee-ooh I Look Just Like Buddy Holly” Award: Nick

Best Taja Award: Taja

Best Face: Greg

Rockapella Award: Truett

Clementine Award: Andrew Tsai

Best Beats: Imran

Best Dreadlocks: Simon

Most Styrofoam: Shags

Best Simpson’s-Inspired Band Name: Jebediah Springfield

Twee As F***: The Merry Go Rounds

Best Sound: Chicken Dinner Faceplant

Fastest Recording Time: Chicken Dinner Faceplant, “Clsoe Is Good Enough” (EP)

Best Home Recordings: James (Supreme World Emporers)

Best Song: Wolfson Greene, “Golden Daze”

Best Side Project: Coy Coyote

Best/Worst Band Name: Weed Can Kill You And Should Be Illegal

Best New Groove: SU(2)

4+4=9 Award: Albatrocity

Best New Band: The Quarks

Best Hip Hop Group: Kwaku and the Round Table

Best Polka Funk Band: We Few

Best French Band Name: Faux Pause

Best Recording: Ground Rules, “It’s Pronounced Ground Rules”

MVP (Most Voluptuous Panda): Archie


More winners! (not present at the meeting)

Most Efficient Wardrobe: Tom Speers

Most Active Young Member: Krish

Most Likely To Become Drum Major: Andrew Joyce

Best Guitar Sound: Derek Liddell

Best Piano Player: Christian

Shafty Award: Alex Alty

Best Mustache: Nic

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