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21 Aug

Musicians Network Meeting Minutes 8/21/2017

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Welcome to  Musicians Network!!!

Open Mic is Thursday! Signups at 7:30, show at 8:00. This week’s theme is Stars. 

New Band Showcase is coming up! Sign up here. Sign ups close Friday, September 1st, and bands will be announced the following Monday. Rules can be found here

If you’d like to design a laptop sticker for UTC, email Jed at jedpaz@gatech.edu

Officer Announcements: 

Booking: If there’s a band you want to see or if you’re interested in joining the booking committee, come talk to me. 

Open Mic: I run Open Mic nights every Thursday from 8:00 to 11:00, with signups at 7:30. I’m also in charge of live sound, so if you’re interested in learning more about that, come talk to me. I teach live sound classes Sundays at noon. I also run the YouTube channel, so if there’s anything you want to see, or you want to get involved with filming or photography, come talk to me. 

Treasurer: Dues are $10 yearly, practice fees are $15. Pay dues before booking practice time. If you pay your dues, you’ll get a T-shirt.

Studio Manager: Contact me if you want to book studio time. I run the studio. The studio is now open. It’s a resource for students to produce music in. The rates are up on the website. Studio sound class will be this Sunday; this weeks topic will be recording drums. Live sound class is from 12 – 1 on Sundays and Studio Sound is from 1 – 2. 

Minister of Propaganda: I am in charge of all things advertising. Our advertising committee, the Ministry of Propaganda, is a great way to get involved with the club; we produce flyers, chalk out on Skiles walkway, and more. You don’t have to be an officer to join. Also if you want to put up flyers, please do that. We have a lot of them. 

Advertising:  We’re always looking for more people to make flyers and get involved in advertising, so if you’re interested, come talk to me, our other advertising officer, our Minister of Propaganda, or our Booking Officer. Also, check out lessons below.

Equipment Manager: I manage equipment, including rentals and lockers. I also run the studio, so if you need anything recorded, or have any questions about the space, come talk to me. If you wanna help me fix up cable stuff on stage, come talk to me. 

General Manager: From here on out, the General Manager position will be more of a liaison with other GT organizations.

Secretary: I organize and send out meeting minutes. If you need to join Orgsync or get on the mailing list, come talk to me.

Advertising: We have free lessons! See below for more information. If there’s an instrument you want to learn, or if you’re interested in teaching, come talk to us. 

Vice President: I am in charge of booking practice times, so after paying dues and practice fees, come talk to me. If you have any other questions, come talk to me. After practicing in the space, make sure you turn everything off, wrap up cables, and have the info desk lock up the space. Talk to a GSM at the desk or call the number if they’re not there. 

President: Come to our officer meetings right before the general meeting if you are interested in leadership of the club. I have been working on figuring out the changing situation regarding our relationship with the Student Center.

General Announcements:

Taylor: I just bought four concert tickets. If anyone wants to see The World Is a Beautiful Place and a bunch of other stuff, come talk to me. Also I’m gonna try to start another band this semester in the vein of blues rock. 

Jed: New Band Showcase is an event we run every year where we get people together and form them into bands. Over the course of the semester you’ll form bands and write music and practice together, and at the end of the semester you’ll play in a battle-of-the-bands-type event. First prize gets a free EP recording at Under the Couch, second prize gets put on a bill, and third prize gets waived practice fees for a semester. 

Ryan: I’m in a progressive world music band called Identikit. We’ve been doing some pretty cool collaborations over the summer, and there’s an EP coming out soon. I’m also in a soul-rock-pop band called Fever Monkey and we’re playing a show this Thursday night at the Mammal Gallery. Music starts around 9 p.m. Also this semester I’ll be running a Rocky Horror Picture Show cover set. I want to put together a core band of around 8 people, but there can be as many people on the bill as we want. We will have costumes and makeup. 

Dakota: There’s a show tonight, starts at 8. You can also make jorts, because this weekend at the Mammal Gallery there’s a festival called Jortsfest in support of making more venues ADA accessible.

Jack: This Thursday is our first Open Mic! I’m looking for people to play my second inaugural noise set. 

Merritt: I’m working out the details right now, but if any of you write music, I’m thinking of running a lyrics and songwriting workshop. We have a Facebook page if you’re interested. It’s really helpful for New Band Showcase. 

Heath: I play synthesizer stuff. If anyone else is interested in that, of you wanna join the Atlanta Synthesizer Club, come talk to me. 


Izzi Caballero – Beginner Guitar – Contact for details at icaballero3@gatech.edu

Jed Paz – Ukulele – Contact for details at jedpaz@gatech.edu – Ukulele not required!

Mitchell Mazzoni and Luis Rosa – Beginner to Intermediate drums – Contact for details at mitchell.mazzoni@yahoo.com and lrosa3@gatech.edu

Merritt Treaster – Lyrics and Songwriting Workshop – TBD 

Austin Cheshire – Live sound – Contact for details at acheshire3@gatech.edu

Merritt Treaster – Studio sound  – Contact for details at merritttreaster@gmail.com

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